Saturday, October 12, 2019

Rainbow Heart Card

Hello Ladies,
It's Karen with today's post and I do hope you like rainbows as much as I do.  I find that I have really loved them since childhood and as adult I just feel my mood lighten when I see something made in rainbow order.  I wanted the Dew Drops to be the star of the show so I kept my card CAS. (clean & simple)
Of course once you see my tutorial, I think you will agree how you can easily make embellishments like this and attach them to various projects like scrapbook layouts or wall art.  I think a monogram letter using Dew Drops would be a stunning project as a gift for someone special.  Enjoy!



1. Cut a heart from white cardstock. Apply liquid adhesive to a small section of the heart.  Adhere a selection of different shaped red Dew Drops by placing rough diagonal rows along the left edge.  Continue adhering a variety of orange and yellow Dew Drops.

2. Continue adding more rows nestling the Dew Drops closely. Add green, teal, blue, and purple Dew Drops.  Place the Dew Drops slightly overhanging the edge of the heart so that the paper heart guideline is more discreet. 
3.  Set aside to dry thoroughly.  Finally, attach the embellishment to a cardbase.

TIP: Rather than gluing the Dew Drops directly to the cardbase I worked on a separate cardstock heart.  I knew I needed a thicker piece of cardstock because of the large number of Dew Drops used would add a great amount of weight to the card.  Also, I was concerned that the amount of liquid glue I would be using would most likely warp the cardbase.  Another benefit of doing this was that I did not have to create a freehand heart or try to erase pencil markings at the end.  Working on a separate cardstock heart allowed me to get perfect placement of the finished heart on my project.  To prevent disappointment and unnecessary frustration, I recommend always starting with a simple pre-cut shape of thick cardstock.

If you'd like to see more of Karen's exciting projects, visit her blog Art & Soul.

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Shelly K. Hein-Simmons said...

I am obsessed with this card! The simplicity is just fantastic - I am definitely going to be "lifting" this rainbow heart idea!!

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