Saturday, October 26, 2019

How to Make a Quick Sea Princess Headband

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If you need a last minute costume accessory idea, this is the perfect addition for a little ones costume. I decorated this headband in under 30 minutes. Headbands are great because children can easily put them on themselves, they stay on better than hats, and there are endless possibilities for decorating them to coordinate with any theme.


1. Form a bow using tulle.  Pinch it in the middle and secure it with wire.  Attach it to the center of a headband. Form a smaller bow using glitter tulle and attach it to the center using a silver pipe cleaner.

2. To form a spiral, gently wrap a pipe cleaner around the length of a pencil or dowel.  Remove it and fold the pipe cleaner in half.  Repeat the process to create three faux seaweed embellishments.

3. Use a hot-glue gun to attach the faux seaweed spirals to the tulle bow.  Next, add a large seashell embellishment.  Stretch the wire seaweed spirals to create different lengths and arrange them at different angles.

4.  Adhere a large starfish embellishments inside the loops of the tulle bow so that it appears they have been caught in a fisherman's net.

5.  Add different size round Dew Drops to the outside of the tulle to create faux bubbles. Use liquid adhesive to attach some to the edge of the headband.  Lastly, adhere a scattering of Dew Drops to the backside of the tulle bow.  For the finishing touch, add large pearls on the seashell and an anchor embellishment to compliment the sea princess crown. 

A Closer Look:

Other Supplies:
wire / pipe cleaner
seashell embellishments
hot glue gun
liquid adhesive

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