Saturday, October 19, 2019

Holiday Candy Dish using Dew Drops

It's Christmas in October!!!  I made this candy dish, which doesn't have candy yet, for this weekend's project. Isn't it fun.  I love the red trucks and the Dew Drops really set things off!

Ingredient List:

Candy Jar - I used a square Jar that has a "locking" mechanism  (cost $1.00)
Artificial Snow  (Cost $0.25)
Artificial Tree    (Cost $0.50)
Fabric Flowers (Jolee's)  (Cost $1.00)
Dew Drops Red and Light Ale  - from my stash
Stickles - Christmas Red and Holly Green - from my stash
Tacky Glue - from my stash
Dimensional Tape - from my stash
Truck Ribbon  (Cost $1.00)


1.  Step one decorate the green fabric flowers with Red Dew Drops.  Use tacky glue to adhere and set aside until dry.

2.  Add a generous dollop of tacky glue to the top of the jar.  Adhere the tree.  Let dry for at least 24 hours so it is secure.

4.  Decorate the truck (I got these ornaments at the Dollar Tree) I added more glitter glue over the top of the wheel wells in Christmas Red.  I also adhered a round light Ale dew drop to the center of each tire as a hub cap.  It was adhered with the green and red mixed Holly Stickles.  Let these hubcaps dry over night.

 5.  Add the flowers and to the jar using dimensional tape.  Add the dry trucks with dimensional tape or hang from the ribbon around the neck of the jar.

6.  Add snow to the jar.  When were closer to Christmas I will add a layer of clear plastic to hold the snow in place and then add candy!

Hope you enjoyed this little Christmas Candy Dish project.  It could easily be adapted for wedding centerpieces for a rustic wedding.  Enjoy!

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Tonya said...

Very festive! <3

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