Saturday, July 13, 2019

How To Create Focal Points With Dewdrops

Hello Crafty Friends!

Today we’ll be creating a simple but elegant card using The Robin’s Nest dewdrops to create the focal point. I designed a simple mandala with the dewdrops. You can find the process video on my YouTube channel or read the step by step process below. To find the YouTube video, please click here.

Step by step process:

1. At first I took a 6/6 top folding card base in white cardstock paper.

2. I selected a beige tone paper for my card base. It is 1cm smaller than the card base from 2 sides. 

3. I stamped the desired sentiments with clear stamp and archival ink both on the cover and inside.  


4. These are my selected color of dewdrops that I’ll be using today for the card. These are amazing.

5. I started assembling the dewdrops from the center towards the end. I followed the complementary colors of the color wheel to make the card look more attractive . And finally the card is done. See how easy was it to make? Hope you guys will try it as well.

Finished product:

Link to The Robin’s Nest Shop:

Dew drops link:

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And don’t forget to keep craftivating your dreams! ❤️

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Golden Goddess Designs said...

oh my! I am making one of these! love, love, love!


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