Friday, July 19, 2019

Creating Acrylic Jewelry with Dew Drops Inclusions

Happy Saturday!  Victoria back again with a simple and beautiful jewelry making project using Dew Drops.

Necklace Recipe:

Acrylic Pouring Medium
Jewelry Mold
Dew Drops
Chain - I used 18 inches of copper colored chain
Two shell charms
5 large jump rings - I used 5 copper colored jump rings
Clasp of your choice - I used a copper colored bar and circle clasp

Necklace Directions:
  • For this project it is super important to assemble all of your project supplies and have them within reach.  Also use a surface that if you spill on can be disposed of.  I get inexpensive plastic cutting boards at the Dollar Tree (you get two for $1.00)
  •  You'll need equal amounts of resin and hardener, measured into two disposable cups.  Pour together and mix with a disposable wooden stick.  Mix for several minutes as directed by your resin brand.  Once mixed you have about 45 minutes working time.  
  • Pour resin into molds and embellish with Dew Drops.
  •  Apply heat from a heat gun or torch to remove bubbles in the resin.  You may need to poke additional bubbles with a pin to get them all out of your jewelry piece.
  •  Make sure the molds are on a flat surface, cover lightly with foil to prevent dust from settling on your focal points.  Let dry for 24 hours.
  • Pop resin pieces out of the mold and assemble your jewelry! 
Hope you have fun trying this project!  Be sure to share anything you make with us!

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