Thursday, December 27, 2018

Celebrate 2019

Hi everyone Chattering Robins!!!

Here is Elisa from Italy and, yes.... This is my last project for The Robin's Nest.
I want to greet you celebrating the new year!! I realized a canvas and I used the awesome Forest Fun Tear Drops.

For this project I decide to use my favorite colors... Brown, bronze, gold.... Light green... They are so beautiful...

Tear drops are great: I love to use them like petals, or half flowers, or only as ornaments.

In this canvas I used tears because I wanted to create a contrast between their smooth shape and the geometric elements on the background: triangles and stripes.

Tear Drops in this project:

Forrest Fun Tear Drops

Thank you to The Robin's Nest: being in this team has been a wonderful experience! And thank you all, creative friends, for your kindness!!!
Have a wonderful year!!!


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