Saturday, May 19, 2018

How To Make A Trinket Box Decorated With Dew Drops

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Michelle here today to share with you an 
innovative way to make a beautiful trinket box, 
using a deep canvas, canvas board, a tile & 
a variety of the FABULOUS Dew Drops 
from The Robin's Nest.

The selection of Dew Drops I used
came from the following collections:


Silver Bells

Candy Amaryllis

Fall Gems

I also used selections from the Springs Blooms Dew Drops & Orange Tear Drops.

You will also need:
6x6 Deep Canvas
5x5 Canvas Board
4x4 Ceramic Tile
Texture Embossing Folder
Heavy Cardstock
Miniature Knob
Metal Accents
Permanent MM Glue

The first thing I did was cut heavy white cardstock to fit
my Sizzix Moroccan Tile Embossing Folder, and used my Sizzix Big Kick
machine to emboss each piece.

I then measured & cut the embossed cardstock, to fit the top and sides
of the deep canvas and glued into place.

 To add accent to the corners, I used a faux
metal embossed design, and added a light coat of 
white "wash" paint to lighten the color.
For the "inside", I used a remnant of a vintage handkerchief
to serve as lining.

To create a top for the box, I began by using a mandala design stencil, along with a white artist marker, to shadow the design on the tile.
I followed by using a variety of color & shapes from 
The Robin's Nest Dew Drops Collections listed above.

I also added a miniature knob to the center, and glued all into place with permanent mixed media glue.
I added some metallic Dew Drops to the knob as well, to match the corners of the canvas box base.
Using more of the embossed card stock, I covered the canvas side of the canvas board, and used felt for the back side.
Once the glued Dew Drops had set on the tile, I glued the tile to the embossed cardstock side of the canvas board.

To finish the canvas box, I added pearlized Dew Drops
all around the top edge of the "box design, 
and a variety of colorful Diamond Dew Drops all around the sides.

 I gave it about an hour for glue to really set up,
and VOILA! 
A beautiful trinket box to display on a shelf or desktop.

For the Dew Drop Collections I used, and so much more, 
please visit The Robin's Nest online store at:

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Very elegant! <3

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