Saturday, March 3, 2018

How To Make Leather Jewelry With Metallic Dew Drop Centers

Hello, welcome to the Chattering Robin's blog. Michelle here today to share a quick project, a leather jewelry collection, with GORGEOUS Metallic Dew Drops for big impact.

Here is what you will need to create your own:
Pre-cut thin faux leather shapes & bracelet blank
Embossing machine & folder (for added texture)
Metallic & Pearlized Pigment Powder
Pigment Powder Medium
Color Spray Mist
Metal Eyelet & Brad
Earring Fish Hooks
Whole Punch Tool
Mixed Media Glue

And the star of this design THE ROBIN'S NEST METALLIC DEW DROPS!

I pre-designed & cut my leather using my Cricut Explore Air 2. If you do not own a cutting machine, pre-cut leather shapes and leather bracelet blanks can be found in most leather crafting sections in craft stores, or found on line.

I chose a teal blue (Peacock) color & a reddish brown (Cafe') leather for this collection. Peacocks happen to be my favorite bird, and this happens to be my favorite color combo.

I went with a wrap bracelet design using the Peacock leather. For the Cafe' leather, I chose a floral pattern, and used 3 various sizes. Once I had cut the designs, I planned a 3 flower pendant tapering from largest to small flower and used a medium & small flower for dangle earrings.

With the wrap bracelet, I used an embossing plate, to add a bit more texture to the bracelet body only, not the strap, finishing with using at the pigment powder medium lightly rubbed across the embossed area, followed by lightly brushing an antique bronze metallic pigment powder.

While I did not use and embossing folder, I used the pigment powder medium around the edges and in the center of each flower component, using a metallic teal color.

Assembly time!

Before completely putting it all together, I chose & added a gorgeous Metallic Teal Dew Drop (there are so many colors and finishes to choose from) to the center of each flower, with just a dollop of mixed media glue.

Once the glue completely set (15 minutes or so) I then put the floral components together, using both medium & small jump rings, and for the earrings, I used fish hook design earrings. 

After getting the "mechanics" of the bracelet set (make sure to pre-strap the bracelet before adding ANY center embellishment) as I found out the hard way and had to reset the layered flower after I figured that out to late, lol. I then used a mixed media glue to adhere the flower to the center of the strap.

I wanted a softer necklace, rather than using a cold metal chain. I used vintage seam binding to accomplish this. First, I lightly sprayed color spray mist in a teal tone, working it into the ribbon, blotting with a paper towel and repeating the process twice more, finishing with drying with my heat tool.

This entire project took about an hour, and the results are just amazing.

Feminine with just an edge of "rock-n-roll".

For more color choices in the GORGEOUS Metallic Dew Drops, plus many other finishes, colors & shaped Dew Drops, visit The Robin's Nest online store at:

Thanks fro much for stopping by. While here visit the other galleries full of creative ideas by the talented TRN Design Team.

Until next time.......................................... Be Crafty!


Shelly K. Hein-Simmons said...

Really something special! I just love this jewelry - looks so rich!!

Tonya said...

Beautful Michelle! <3

Melinda Beltran said...

Love this set Michelle!!! This is fabulous! You have inspired me to give something like this a try!

Mehedi Hasan Sefat said...

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