Thursday, January 25, 2018

Embellishments for a tag

Hi everyone!!

Here is Elisa and today I'm going to share with you my new project... I use the wonderful dew drops by The Robin's Nest for creating some shining embellishment for my last mixed media tag...

Take a piece of white burlap and using your favourite glue, create a square with dew drops (I created a 2x2 clear square, a 3x3 light pink square, a 4x4 pink square and a 5 red square, as you can see in the picture)
When the glue is totaly dried, take some wire (1mm) and cut 4 pieces for every square... we have to create a frame to put outside the dew drop square.
How to fix together these 4 pieces of wire? Take a thinner wire (0,2mm) and twist it around the corners; help you with some washi tape for keeping the four main wires in the right place while you are fixing them with the thinner wire.
When your metal square is ready use the glue and stick it to the burlap.

Some pictures about details:

Dew drops used in this project:

Hope you enjoy these embellishments!!
Till next project


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