Sunday, January 7, 2018

A gift box - how to adhere the Robin's Dew Drops

Hello to all Robin's Nest's fans! This is Libeeti here, with a fun project of a gift box, you can easyliy make yourself.
Recently, at work I was assigned to a project and a colleague of mine helped me very much with it. I wanted so show her how much I appreciated her help and support, so I've made her a gift box, out of thick cardstock, covered with pp and decorated with the fabulous Robin's Dew Drops.

This is how my box looked after I've built it, and before I decorated it.

And this is how it looked in the end, after decroating it with Robin's Dew Drops. Doesn't it just look so fancy and beautiful?
 Now, we've all stuglled many times with adhering small embellishments, especially if they're translucent, right? 
 Well, Robin's Nest came up with a fab tiny doble-sided glue dots, that are so perfect for adhering their beautiful dew drops, it called Dew Dew Glue!
 But how to take these tiny glue dots and put them on my project?!
I have a little tip for you - use a craft knife and gently peel off the tiny glue dot from the  sheet and put it carefuly whereever you wish your embellishment to be.
 You see how easy peasy it can be?
 In order to pick the dew drops, I simply scattered them out on my desk, and picked what I wanted with the tweezers. I feel like it's a party, seeing all those beautiful shiny dew drops scattered around :).
 Here's some close-ups on the dew drops decorations:

Robin's Nest's products thae I've used:

If you wish to know how to build a box like mine, you can visit my blog and my youtube channel, where you'll find a tutorial how to build a gift box.

Thank you for visiting the Robin's blog and I hope you'll find my tips useful.

Have a wonderful day, 



Tonya said...

Fabulous! <3

Michelle Wells said...

Beautiful! Love how the Dew Drops add a certain "pop"

Melinda Beltran said...

Wonderful Box! Love the color choices and the Dew Drops add a perfect touch!

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