Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Velvet Faux Pumkins

Hello Robin's Nest readers!

Robin posting today. 

Can you believe it is October?
I truly am in shock!  I love the fall season, it is one of my favorites,
the cooler weather, sweaters, hot chocolate, fall colors, and well
the list just goes on!

Today I am sharing with you some cute faux velvet pumpkins I made
for my home.  I looked all over for real velvet in the fall colors
but alas, there was only black and red velvet in our local
stores.  So the next best thing was to buy a velvet looking fabric
to make my pumpkins with.

I chose rust, grey, cream, honeycomb, brown, and beige.

The first thing you do is cut a round circle.
I used a charger plate as my circle, and traced around it on the 
fabric and then I cut them out.

For various sizes I used plates and bowls and traced around
them on the fabric then cut out the different sizes.

I then sewed around the edge of the fabric with a needle and heavy thread
and pulled it tight to get the shape above.

Then I filled the pumpkin with polyfiber fill and pulled the thread tight and sewed 
the circle shut.

Here are a few of the pumpkins not finished on my work table.

Now I have glued with a hot glue gun a dew drop on the pumpkin.

Here I have glued dew drops around the pumpkin, all with a 
glue gun.  Just a small dot of glue is plenty.

Then I glued a pumpkin stem on the top of the pumpkin over
the area where the pumpkin is sewed together.

I have been saving pumpkin stems for a while, because I wanted
to make these.  You could buy pumpkins from the store and use
the stem, or save your stems from this year for next years pumpkins.

I also used branches for the tops of some of my pumpkins.
I will show these in some other photos on this post.

I added ribbons, faux leaves dew drops, and old jewelry to the tops 
of these cute pumpkins.

Close ups of some, I added old crocheted doilies also to 
some of the tops of the pumpkins.

They can be displayed all over your house.
These are on the countertop in my kitchen.

And I added some of them to my china cabinet.

Such a fun way to add fall to your house,
I've wanted to make these for a few years, and finally this year
was the year.

You can find dew drops on our website

Just click on this link and it will take you to the Robin's Nest
web page.  I used amber colored dew drops,
but other colors would be so fun also.

Happy Fall!!!



Michelle Wells said...

Absolutely STUNNING!

Tonya said...

Now I want to make some pumpkins too! Fabulous! <3

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...


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