Thursday, September 21, 2017

Let's recycle a little and create a custom journal - Final

Hidy y'all!! I am back again and I am going to show
y'all how I am making my own journal to help me
cope with my depression. Not only 
getting my feelings and thoughts down on paper but
keeping my mind busy crafting the journal.

This is the last post on this journal and I wanted to show 
some of the embellishing I have done.....

And here you have it! I do think I may be adding more
but right now I am happy with it....
So just make it your own and have fun with it!!!

Items I used:

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial....

Links to the first three parts of the tutorial:

Thanks for stopping by and please come back again!!!


Tonya said...

Beautifully done! <3

Michelle Wells said...

Such a BEAUTIFUL journal & embellishments. There is great comfort in creating, I myself, have had a 20 year long battle of reassuring major clinical depression (associated with chronic illness). Anytime I can create beauty, I find it soothing.

White Star Light said...

Wonderful... I like every element in this project!!!

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