Thursday, September 7, 2017

Let's recycle a little and create a custom journal - Part 3

Hidy y'all!! I am back again and I am going to continue to show
y'all how I am making my own journal to help me
cope with my depression. Not only 
getting my feelings and thoughts down on paper but
keeping my mind busy crafting the journal.

We left off here:

Now I will show how to get paper in your journal.
The groups of pages are called signatures. You can have
as many or few as you want as long as you have a cord wrapped
to hold it.....

This is plain copier paper....  grab several sheets, 
you will need quite a few for each signature....

Take about 6-8 sheets and fold in half top to bottom...

Now you want to cut them in half....  I used my cutter to do this
but you can use reg. or deco scissors or even tear them
for an interesting look.... 

Open up half and you have a signature....

Now take your signature and slip it under your first wrapped cord...

Pull it thru to the middle crease and you now have signature #1 in your journal!!

Fold and cut more paper to make more signatures...

Do the same with the second wrapped cord and so on....

Once you get them all in you will have something like this.....

Now I added some lace to keep it closed...

And there you have it!! But I am not done by any means, lol.  

Items I used so far:

Next time I will show you how to 
embellish your journal with some awesome
goodies from The Robin's Nest!!!

Links to the first two parts of the tutorial:

Part one
Part two

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and remember to come back
same time same place on 9/21 to learn more!!!

Thanks for stopping by and please come back again!!!

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