Thursday, August 3, 2017

Let's recycle a little and create a custom journal

Let's recycle a little and create a custom journal!! 
Hidy y'all!! Lavender here and I am going to show
you what I have been up to. 
Ever wanted to make your own journal your
own way? Well, this post is for you!!!

I had a very heart breaking event happen in which I had to
bury my fur baby due to fireworks after the 4th and
we were not prepared for it. I won't go into details
but I lost my heart that night!! 

My therapist suggested that
I journal about my days and try and get my sadness out.
A light bulb went off and I have begun my own
custom journal and I want to share with you!
This will be a ongoing project over a few weeks
so keep coming back here for more!!

Now let's get started.... We are going to build our cover....

I am using small cereal boxes for my cover.... 
Cut them to any size you want for your cover...

I am gluing two together for more stability

I glued the spine together first so I could line it up better

Then glue the sides

Now choose a paper for your outer cover... The Robins Nest
has a LOT of awesome papers to choose from!!!

Put the back of the paper up and the outside of your cover down on the paper

Glue cover to paper

Fold all four coners like this and glue them down

Now fold the long edges in and glue down

Now choose another paper for the inside of your cover
and cut to fit 

Glue down

Ok, I made a booboo!! LOL Cut a strip from where you
book folds so it will fold right and cover it with lace, seam tape, ribbon
or whatever you prefer.....

Now we have our base journal!!! 

Next time I will show you how to add pages so you have 
something to write on our adhere special items to!!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and remember to come back
same time same place on 8/17 to learn more!!!

Items I used so far:

Thanks for stopping by and please come back again!!!


Shelly K. Hein-Simmons said...

My heart is so sad for your loss!
The journal cover is wonderful - great instructions.

Michelle Wells said...

Oh Lavender, I am so very sorry for your loss. I am a fur baby mama to 4 boxers, I can't imagine your grief.
You are off to a beautiful start in keeping your fur babies memories. Hugs & prayers.

Lucy said...

Lavender, I love to see people makes books. This is a wonderful tribute to your lovely dog. I am glad you have a therapist who comes up with good suggestions to help you with your grief. Take care. Lucy

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