Wednesday, May 17, 2017

How To Make A Sensational Butterfly Magnet Gift

Charity here with a quick tutorial on how to make a sensational butterfly magnet gift. Quick is good when making teacher gifts. With the multitude of events to attend at the end of the school year it is difficult to find time to craft a little appreciation gift. These butterflies are simple yet as dramatic as the papers you choose.
~ Butterfly Magnets ~

The first step in making these butterflies is to choose coordinating papers. My only concern was matching my papers with the Robin's Nest Little Friends I used for the bodies. I put a dark layer at the center, stripes in the back, and florals up front. 
The top layer of butterflies are cut from Pink Roses Cardstock and Daisy Stripe Cardstock. The center layers are cut from Daughters Cardstock and Charity Cardstock.
The last layer is the reverse of Spring Flower Cardstock and Star Glitter Cardstock .
With my butterfly die I cut two layers of paper at a time. I used a corner punch on the tips of the floral butterfly. I trimmed the tips of the center butterfly to match the floral one.
I used acrylic paint to gild the edges of the butterflies.
 I cut the antennae from the center butterflies then stacked the sets together and folded the wings up on either side.
 To hold the variety of materials together I only needed one adhesive, Best Glue Ever. A thin strip of glue on the striped and center butterflies is sufficient to hold the paper together. A thicker strip of glue attaches the soft body of the Little Friend to the top butterfly.
A circular smear of the same glue attaches the butterfly to a magnet. Without my ScraPerfect products I would have had to use three types of glue. With BGE I am guaranteed a strong, flexible hold that dries quickly.
After the glue had dried adjust the wings of the butterfly so each layer can be seen. Curl the tips of the wings around a pencil to mimic movement.
 Slip two or three butterflies in a gift bag and let your child enjoy making their teacher smile!
Check my blog Scrappin' Chaos for a list of supplies.

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The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

These are very cute!! Good job!

Michelle Wells said...

Great project! Adorable!

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