Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Guide on how to make easy teabag folded flowers

Today I am going to give you a guide on  how to make an easy teabag folded flowers.

There may seem like there is a lot of steps to this tutorial but once you make one you will have the skill forever and I wanted to make sure it was easy to follow.

I used the following products from Robins Nest 

Blue Robin Glitter Cardstock - Reverse side (Distressed Ocean)


I start by cutting my paper into 4" squares. From a 12" x 12" piece you will get 9 squares. We need 8 of them for petals and the remaining will be used for added decoration.

Fold the square diagonally in both directions, making sure to be as neat as possible for a cleaner finished petal.

Now fold the square in half in both directions, it should now look like the picture below.

Fold to create a  triangle point facing you as shown below

Now you need to tuck the right hand point inwards as shown below

Do the same with the left hand side, it should now look like this

Flatten it and give all the folds a good rub with a bone folder/Popsicle stick/finger nail

Turn the paper so the open ends point away from you and lift the top flap on the right hand side in and fold towards the centre.

Now do the same with the left hand side, it looks a bit like a kite.

Repeat this for all 8 of the petals. Now we need to put the flower together as shown below. I work in a clockwise direction adhering a petal beneath the kite shape flap but above the base of the fold as shown below, I use a little glue to hold this in place. 

Once all 8 petals have been placed this is what it should look like

I then die cut a small stitched circle and adhered it to the brown doillie die cut

I then add this to the centre of the flower and layer the flower on to a piece of 5.5" square Brown rope paper.

I added this to the front of a 6x6" white card blank and added a dew drop to each corner to finish the look.

All that was left to do was add a sentiment to the front

This is a very sophisticated card but you could add the flower to a gift box or on top of a wrapped present if you wanted.


The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Very cute! A wonderful guide!

Michelle Wells said...

GORGEOUS!!! Awesome tutorial

Tracy F. said...

Love tea bag folding. Haven't done it on years. Great tutorial!

Charity said...

Brand new technique for me! Thanks!

Colleen LoVette said...

I love tea bag folding, very pretty card.

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