Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Braxton on the boat

Hello all,

Our son Jeremiah has a fun sailboat,
last year he came in the fall, and we spent a few
days on the boat with him and his family.

This layout is about Braxton and his day on the boat with us.

Of course the kids have to wear life jackets while they are on 
the boat.  Here is Braxton on the boat over looking the water.

Attached to the boat is a canoe,
the kids get out in the canoe and row.

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The fascinating thing for me with this canoe, is Braxton
got in the canoe and was rowing doing a great job.
Then his dad untied the canoe from the sailboat, and he was on his
own.  The wind kicked up and the sailboat started moving across the water
pretty fast, and Braxton at age 7 years old, was wayyyy, behind
the sailboat.  He rowed until, I think is arms were gonna fall off,
to catch up with the sailboat.
He did, he didn't panic, he just kept going.
Of course we were cheering his on, and giving him
alot of encouragement. But at age 7, this was so impressing to me

I have left this page blank here, because I want to spend some time with
Braxton this winter and write this story in his words and in
his handwriting.  I think this is some of the really important things
we should be scrapbooking.  How are they feeling inside, were
you scared?  Tell us about it in your own words.

It was such a fun day.

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Have a great day.



Karen said...

Such a fun the layers and colors.

Colleen said...

Very fun page and what a cutie. Love all the layers.

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Cute! Cute! I love the placement on the pages.

Michelle Wells said...

Love the layout. Love the story too. Both are beautiful!

Tracy F. said...

Wonderful page! Love all the torn edges!

Charity said...

Love all the layers!

marie-christine denis said...

Love how you placed your papers!

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