Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Amazing things Blue and so much more

Bev here today and I am sharing amazing things Blue and so much more. It's a great mix of cards in shades of blue. These are just a few amazing paper lines from the Robin's Nest collections. For this card I am making a smaller version of a shadow box.
And for an added bonus today be sure to check out the extra cross promo project with ScraPerfect.

Supply List:
The Robin's Nest Products
Other: ribbon, card base

1. I cut the circular back base piece the same size as the front piece.
2. On the front piece however I cut and added a cardstock base piece for layered look and to have a colour change between layers.

3. I used a roll of strip foam and placed the strips on the backside of the upper front section.

4. I went with another paper lay in the stripes to add more colour.
5. Glue down the shadow box circular piece on the base. 
6. Now glue down the front foamed pop up piece centred over the circular piece.
7. I made the sentiment and matted it for more colour and layers.

8. For more colour contrast I added yet another shade of blue accent using ribbon on the left side.


The next card was very easy but was accented by using matted white border with added ribbon. 

Supply List
Robin's Nest Products
Accents: Dew Drops
Other: cardstock, ribbon

1. On a card base cut the 2 papers into 1/3 vs 2/3 and glue down
2. Matt the white cardstock with navy cardstock and  tie the ribbon with bow around it.
3. Glue down the border down over the seam of the 2 other papers.
4. Make your sentiment and matt it.
5. Apply the sentiment to lower edge of border stripe.
6. In the top upper section add some dew drop accents


This next card was lighter shades of blue.. but one of my favourites too. 

Supply List
Robin's Nest Products
Other:  stamp, ink, Gina's Doily, cardstock, cardstock base

1. Cut your print background
2. Add cardstock thin strips
3. Form your cluster of doily, straw and die cut accent
4. Stamp  your sentiment, trim, matt it and apply.
5. Glue this to the cardstock base and your done.




Sometime simple is elegant too... hope you enjoyed seeing all these fun cards using shades of blue from the Robin's Nest collections.


HI glad your still following along as now I have a great surprise for you.  I'd like to share my ScraPerfect blog post that was a cross promo with Robin's Nest.
Hope you enjoy the products from both companies.

ScraPerfect has the perfect Best Glue Ever, Best Cleaner Ever and Embellie Gellie along with many more fabulous products. I am also using Robin's Nest dew drops from the cross promo with them. Be sure to check out the stores for more amazing products that are perfect for every scrapper or crafters OR even just household fix it jobs and clean ups.
Today I am featuring the use of Embellie Gellie and applying small accents to the project... this is all made so easy when using Embellie Gellie.

Starting with Creative Embellishments chipboards I inked them white. On the base piece I then added Nuvo glitter paste for sparkle.

The top section is then glued on using Best Glue ever using the fine clog free applicator making covering the small areas much easier with the fine tip applicator.

Now taking the stick that comes with Embellie Gellie I add a small bit of gellie to the tip end. It will grab on to small things, hold on to them while you add glue and then make applying them so much easier allowing you to place them down where you want them with ease and releasing them.

As you can see placement was challenged with the size of the space the Robin's Nest dew drops of many sizes were going into. The ScraPerfect small fine tip non clog writing tip is the slickest thing for small amounts of glue application.

Here is the finished projects and it was so much easier with all the ScraPerfect products. Embellie Gellie, Best Ever Glue and then when done the clean up with Best Ever Cleaner on anything sticky was a perfect finish.





Thanks for stopping by. 


Charity said...

Those reindeer look so different in brown. Lovely projects, Bev!

Karen said...

Great cards those Dew Drop accents in the chipboard!

Colleen said...

Great cards Bev and love the dew drops on the chipboard.

Tracy F. said...

Beautiful cards Bev! Those dew drops really dress up the chipboard nicely!

Michelle Wells said...

Just gorgeous cards Bev.

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Yowzas Bev! Great job!

marie-christine denis said...

Beautiful projects!

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