Thursday, December 15, 2016

Machine for Wings with Sparkles and Things

Charity here from Scrappin' Chaos.
Today's project is a fairy wing dispenser.
My kids and I love to take our quarters to the grocery store and try our luck with the trinket machines.
We have plastic bracelets, tin rings, pencil toppers, and even the elusive Grand Prize from a machine or too.
This Fairy Wing dispenser was made to commemorate all our fun times.
~ Fairy Wings ~
This project evolved slowly. I began with scraps and watched my idea change repeatedly.
The wings were my first creation. I used bits from Rosy Diamond Cardstock,
 Girl Swirl Glitter Cardstock, Robins Egg Glitter Cardstock, and Moss Green Glitter Cardstock.
 I stamped and heat embossed the wing onto the cardstock then cut out the shape.
I strung a needle with thin fishing line and used it to tie a loop through a circle of foam adhesive.
I stacked a pair of wings with the foam dot between so they could be hung in the dispenser.
I painted the inside of the glass globe white and sprinkled it with green glitter.
The outside of the globe I painted with a clear adhesive
 and sprinkled heavily with blue glitter.
I added trim to the base of the globe and Metallic Gold Dew Drops to the dispenser
 and to the trim. Because of the varied materials and a need for a very strong bond
 I used E6000. It takes time to dry but holds well.
I used a tracing book to copy and cut two fairy shapes for the sides of the spout.
 I traced the shapes onto the Robins Egg Glitter Cardstock, cut them out,
 then dry embossed the edges with gold. I also stamped and embossed
 a pattern onto the back of the fairies.
I stamped and embossed a set of wings for each fairy and spread gold sparkle paste
 on the back of the wings. I attached the fairies to the dispenser with the E6000 adhesive.
The flower clusters on the sides of the dispenser were made from flower punches
 and Celebration Swirl Glittered Cardstock, Girl Crown Glittered Cardstock,
 Princess Cardstock, Rosy Diamond Cardstock.
 I glued Flame Dew Drops to the centers of the flowers.
The swirls were cut with a die from Robin's Egg Glitter Cardstock.
I adhered the flowers and swirls to the globe with hot glue.
From the back of the dispenser the gold wings and body patterns of the fairies peek out.
As a final touch I placed a spare set of wings in the spout of the dispenser, 
as if a fairy child had just used her hard earned coins to win a magical pair of wings!
This sweet little Fairy Wing Dispenser was in great demand from my children. 
My oldest daughter won the prize. Her little pink Christmas tree looks adorable next to it!
Check my blog Scrappin' Chaos for a list of supplies.

Scrap On!



The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Great job!! This such a cool project! And your tutorial is awesome too! Love it!!

Colleen said...

What a very creative idea, great job.

Michelle Wells said...

Beautiful project, love the design & color

Michelle Wells said...

Beautiful project, love the design & color

Charity said...

Thanks Ladies!!!

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