Friday, December 23, 2016

Clip It Up

Colleen here from snowy Michigan, at least it is this morning.  I have an altered clipboard I would like to share  with you.  I have had this old clipboard around for years and it needs some updating.  This takes a little time to create but oh so worth it.

I started with this old beat up clipboard:

Supplies used:

I used the beautiful Winter Snowflake cardstock to deco onto the clipboard.  I made my own deco glue and it is just 3/4 cup white glue to 1/4 cup water, shake it up and it is ready to use.

First lightly wet your paper and then put a generous amount of the deco paste onto the clipboard and make sure you smooth it down really well.  Go over it several time with your hands to make sure you have it covered well.  This is the most important part, if you have any kind of roller it is best to use that.  Even a rolling pin works if you have nothing else. 

Now the next part is your choice but I decided to adde some modeling paste to the paper.  

I also wanted to add some more snowflakes so I inked them a dark blue and added glitter to them and then glued them onto of the paper.  I also cut out and added some of the Glitter Snowmen and the wording Falling Snow from the Winter Words Glitter Cardstock.

Once you have everything glued down good on top of your paper now is the time to add the last of your deco glue.  Covered everything well and I use my finger to make sure I have the deco glue into all the cracks that way everything will stick very well.  While it was still wet I added a little glitter to give it some sparkle.

Now it is up to you how you finish your clipboard, I love flowers so I knew mine had to have flowers on it.

I used Black and White Pine Tree cardstock and my dies and cut out three flowers.  I used ScraPerfect The Best Glue Ever with the ScraPerfect No Clog Writing Cap to glue them down.  I wanted to add some spirals so I used floral wire and wrapped it around a little wooden stick and then cut them up.  The glue works great to attach these and you don't have glue all over the place when you use the writing cap.  

Lastly I had some old sparkles that I had taken off a project that I no longer wanted but it had the old paper on the back, I sprayed the back with ScraPerfect the Best Cleaner Ever and let it sit a little bit and the old paper rubbed right off. 

 I used the ScraPerfect The Best Glue Ever with the ScraPerfect No Clog Writing Cap to attach them to the clipboard.  I added ribbon to my clipboard but that is entirely up to you.

I hope you find something old and turn it into something beautiful and useful again.


Michelle Wells said...

Very beautiful Colleen. Love it!

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Cute! And useful too! Great job!!

Shelly K. Hein-Simmons said...

C - this is so cute! I love it and it would make a great Christmas Planner clipboard!

Karen said...

I just love practical crafting...super cute rejuvination!

Tracy F. said...

This is just so cute! Love it!

Charity said...

Great clip board idea!

Bev Code said...

super cute clip board. my fav xmas paper

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