Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Cute Kade

Hi Y'all,

I'm working on catching up with my scrapbook pages,
So many cute grandchildren.

But this picture of Kade on his Dad's sailboat just 
could not be dismissed!

Sometimes you just want to hug these kids so hard and kiss away.
Well, not a favorite with boys,
but Kade does love to be loved on.

I have used these Robin's Nest Products in this layout
Nautical Stripe Specialty PaperFreedom Tear Drops

And a few retired stickers.

Love to share these cute kids,
And it just simply makes me happy each time I am with them

You can find these products on our website 

Have a very Happy New Year!


Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Hi everybody,
It's winter time and I adore it!
I immagine winter like the season of the soul, of reflections, of introspection.
The page I'm about to show you wants to represent exactly that.

Ciao a tutti,
È inverno e lo adoro!
Penso all'inverno come alla stagione dell'anima, delle riflessioni, dell'introspezione.
Il layout che sto per mostrarvi rappresenta esattamente questo.

The Words Of Winter Scrapbook Page Angela Tombari The Robin's Nest Design Team

I had this Robin's Nest 'photo paper' of a snowy wood and it was absolutely perfect.

Ho scelto questa 'carta fotografica' di Robin's Nest con una foresta innevata che ho trovato perfetta.

The Words Of Winter Scrapbook Page Angela Tombari The Robin's Nest Design Team

I didn't want to cover the beauty of the view, so I decided to put photo and embellishments on the sides.
First, I sewed a ribbon with my sewing machine on the right side of the paper.

Non volendo coprire la bellezza del panorama, ho deciso di posizionare foto e abbellimenti sui lati.
Come prima cosa, ho cucito a macchina un nastro da una parte della carta.

The Words Of Winter Scrapbook Page Angela Tombari The Robin's Nest Design Team

Then, I gave a touch of color to the paper using acrylic paitn and I added a beaded paste to give more shine to the paper.

Poi, ho dato un tocco di colore usando dell'acrilico e della pasta glitterata per aggiungere un po' di luce.

The Words Of Winter Scrapbook Page Angela Tombari The Robin's Nest Design Team

I realized a mat for the photo using a few pieces of white crate paper.

Ho creato una cornice alla foto usando della carta velina bianca.

The Words Of Winter Scrapbook Page Angela Tombari The Robin's Nest Design Team

I found these pieces of wood venire in my stash and I thought they were a fun element to add to my page.

Nei miei cassettini c'erano questi legnetti che da tempo volevo usare e direi siano un tocco perfetto per questo layout.

The Words Of Winter Scrapbook Page Angela Tombari The Robin's Nest Design Team

I couldn't finish my page without using my lovely dewdrops; believe me, they are always the perfect finishing touch of every kind of project.
Thanks for stopping by and be merry, be white!

Non potevo considerare finito il lavoro senza alcune amatissime dew drops; credetemi, sono sempre il perfetto tocco finale per ogni tipo di progetto.
Grazie della visita e be merry, be white!


The Robin's Nest Supplies:
Snow Covered Trees Cardstock
Dew Dew Glue
Mint Chocolate Dew Drops
Mardi Gras Dew Drops
In Love In Italy Mini Dew Drops
Hearts Dew Drops

Sunday, December 25, 2016


Tracy here today and I've got a winter scene layout for you. These photos were taken during an ice storm we had when we lived up in Maine. It was absolutely gorgeous but we lost power for about 3 days. Thankfully we had a gas fireplace to keep us warm!

Robin's Nest Supplies

Other Supplies
Cranberry Ink
Washi Tape
Glimmer Chips

So I started with the Black & White Pine Tree Glitter Cardstock and decided I wanted to add some color to it. I used a tiny circle stencil and some cranberry ink and just randomly placed the stencil across the middle of the paper.

I then double matted the photos using both the Red Classic Swirl Glitter Cardstock and the Robins Egg Glitter Cardstock. I also added some of the white Ace of Diamond Dew Drops, one in each corner of the matted photos.

I decided I wanted even more color behind the photos so I added some strips of red and white polka dot washi tape behind them. I also added some red and white striped washi tape in both the top and bottom right corners. Over the washi tape in the top right corner I added several banners using the Red Classic Swirl Glitter Cardstock and the Robins Egg Glitter Cardstock. I also added a few snowflake glimmer chips on top of the banners using some of the Best Glue Ever by ScraPerfect.

The title was done using 2 completely different types of embellishments. I used the back side of one of the Rosy Cards and fussy cut it out for the beginning of the title. I also inked the edges with the cranberry ink.

The second part of the title was from the Crimson Winter Stickers. I wanted to pop them up so I patted the backs of the Winter letter stickers with the Perfect Crafting Pouch by ScraPerfect to remove the stickiness. I also inked the edges with some more of the cranberry ink.

The journaling block also came from the Crimson Winter Stickers and again I used the Perfect Crafting Pouch by ScraPerfect  to remove the adhesive backing and popped that up as well.

For the final touch I added some snowflakes from the Winter Snowflakes Glitter Chipboard collection. I also added a blue dew drop from the Primary Dew Drops collection to each of the snowflakes. And again I used some of the Best Glue Ever by ScraPerfect. That glue is only need to use a tiny bit of it and it holds so strong!

Here's another look at the final project

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Love Tag

Hello crafty friends!

First, I would like to wish you an Happy Christmas and thank you so much to follow me on "Chattering Robins". It is a pleasure to see your very kind comments!!!

Today, I made a love tag for you!!!

Products I used


Gesso, stencil, red, black and pink inks.

How to do

Two piece of papers.

Use some gesso with a stencil and spray some inks.

Stick some hearts Dew Drops and the sticker.

And stick the rusty rose straw on the top and the picture from Pinterest.

Here is your tag!

Thanks for stopping by today!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Last Minute Money Holder

It's Christmas Eve, you are checking your list for the 10th time (come on, Santa! We know you check it more than twice!) and YIKES!!  You forgot someone!  Or there is a last minute addition to your holiday party & gift exchange...

But YOU don't sweat it... you have a stash full of Robin'sNest products and this easy tutorial to make a cash holder! Cash -- the gift that always fits!

 Let's get those supplies together:

Let's get this done in 20 minutes - - shall we?

  • Cut Winter Snowflake cardstock to 8 1/4 x 7"
  • Score at 2 1/4 and 5 1/4
  • Cut (3) pieces of Winter Deer cardstock:
  • 1 @ 6 3/4 x 2 3/4
  • 1 @ 6 3/4 x 2
  • (Optional:  Cut a piece of white cardstock 6 1/4 x 1 1/2 to add a "To / From" or Sentiment to attach to inside top flap)

  • Cut a 3" piece of double sided foam tape, then cut that piece down the center to create to thin pieces - - use these strips to create your money pocket as shown in photo
  • Cut a piece of Winter Deer cardstock 1" x 7" - - fold strip around your money holder and "score" with fingers,  glue ends of strip together to form a band (leave "wiggle room" to slide band over your money holder)
  • Embellish seam of your strip with Silver Swirl Die Cut, Glitter Die Cut Snowflakes and Dew Drops.

Give your last minute gift PROUDLY!  It's gorgeous!

Thanks for stopping by today - and have a creative weekend and happy Christmas!


Clip It Up

Colleen here from snowy Michigan, at least it is this morning.  I have an altered clipboard I would like to share  with you.  I have had this old clipboard around for years and it needs some updating.  This takes a little time to create but oh so worth it.

I started with this old beat up clipboard:

Supplies used:

I used the beautiful Winter Snowflake cardstock to deco onto the clipboard.  I made my own deco glue and it is just 3/4 cup white glue to 1/4 cup water, shake it up and it is ready to use.

First lightly wet your paper and then put a generous amount of the deco paste onto the clipboard and make sure you smooth it down really well.  Go over it several time with your hands to make sure you have it covered well.  This is the most important part, if you have any kind of roller it is best to use that.  Even a rolling pin works if you have nothing else. 

Now the next part is your choice but I decided to adde some modeling paste to the paper.  

I also wanted to add some more snowflakes so I inked them a dark blue and added glitter to them and then glued them onto of the paper.  I also cut out and added some of the Glitter Snowmen and the wording Falling Snow from the Winter Words Glitter Cardstock.

Once you have everything glued down good on top of your paper now is the time to add the last of your deco glue.  Covered everything well and I use my finger to make sure I have the deco glue into all the cracks that way everything will stick very well.  While it was still wet I added a little glitter to give it some sparkle.

Now it is up to you how you finish your clipboard, I love flowers so I knew mine had to have flowers on it.

I used Black and White Pine Tree cardstock and my dies and cut out three flowers.  I used ScraPerfect The Best Glue Ever with the ScraPerfect No Clog Writing Cap to glue them down.  I wanted to add some spirals so I used floral wire and wrapped it around a little wooden stick and then cut them up.  The glue works great to attach these and you don't have glue all over the place when you use the writing cap.  

Lastly I had some old sparkles that I had taken off a project that I no longer wanted but it had the old paper on the back, I sprayed the back with ScraPerfect the Best Cleaner Ever and let it sit a little bit and the old paper rubbed right off. 

 I used the ScraPerfect The Best Glue Ever with the ScraPerfect No Clog Writing Cap to attach them to the clipboard.  I added ribbon to my clipboard but that is entirely up to you.

I hope you find something old and turn it into something beautiful and useful again.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Dew Drop Tree with tutorial with Bev


hi..  it's Bev here today. I love when I see something new that inspires me and I get to make the patterns to share with you to make some too. Today it's a Dew Drop Tree... and Robin's Nest has the best dew drops for these type projects for sure. 

I started with the small 6x6" paper pad so you have a square. Fold that in half.

Now using my paper cutter I sliced as per the diagram above... about 1/2" intervals and about 1/2" away from the folded edge.

Open up with print to the bottom and slices going up to top as per photo.

Now start gluing from the bottom up and going to the centre and matching at the centre. I did all rows left 1st glued and more glue and right side.

Go all as far as you can to the top as per photo. You do want a piece left on top.

Cut the excess off leaving enough to put a star or any tree topping you like.

On the bottom fold up a section to base the tree and glue it down.

Using the piece you cut off the top make a base tree trunk.

With that left over piece I glued it down to cover the tree top section that was white backside paper so I now have a fully print paper tree.

Trim the excess paper following the tree top section.

Here is your finished tree. It was really easy once I figured out the size and dimensions.

Now it's tree trimming time. There are a large choice of colours to pick from and many different shapes but I choose gold, silver and clear round dew drops for mine. You can trim any way you like.
I finished it off with the diamond dew drop star on top.

Here is my finish tree which I then matted to 2 based colours, add some stickers, added tree, chipboard sentiment and then add the border ribbon. I add some white signo gel pen doodled stitch lines and it's done



Thanks for visiting today..... Merry Christmas and see you in the New Year.

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