Thursday, October 6, 2016

Up-cycled Pickle Jar

Charity here from Scrappin' Chaos with a super SCARY night light.
No worries, it sports a battery operated candle so it's super safe!
~ Boo Jar ~
For this project I used a pickle jar. If you are worried about glass in a little ones room simply use a peanut butter container.
 Step 1:
Use a foam brush to dab black acrylic paint onto the sides and back of jar,
leaving a window to frame the ghostie. 
The paint can be dabbed on lightly so the glow of the candle shows through.

Step 2:
Cut gate from Haunted House Cardstock.
Cut "Boo" from Boo Words Glitter Cardstock.
Cut pumpkins from Pumpkins Glitter Cardstock.
Cut web from Spiderweb Glitter Cardstock.

Step 3:
Pierce lid of jar using nail or paper piercer.
Tie knot in yarn, thread through hole in lid so knot stays on top.
 Attach yarn to Friendly Ghost and suspend in jar.
 Step 4:
Glue web to top of jar lid.
Use a magnet for a clamp.
Step 5:
When the jar is dry adhere gate to inside of jar, facing window.
 Adhere Boo to top of window and pumpkins to base of window.
Step 6:
Place battery operated candle in jar.
This cute project takes an up-cycled container and a sprinkle of imagination.
Make one for a child's room or several to line the porch rail.

Check my blog Scrappin' Chaos for a list of supplies.

Scrap On!



The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

This is awesome! I love the Little Friend Ghost! And the haunted house background! Fabulous!

Shelly K. Hein-Simmons said...

This is really clever & cute! I for sure want to make a spooky night light!

Karen said...

how fun!

Colleen LoVette said...

Such a fun idea, my grandkids would love making this.

marie-christine denis said...

Very nice idea! love it!

Charity said...

Thanks ladies!

Tracy F. said...

How cute is this! Great idea!

Katie Lamb said...

Love this project and love the little ghost

Michelle Wells said...

Clever use of a jar. Love this!

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