Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Fall Tissue Box

Hi! This is Debb (Clickersister) and today I'm bringing you a tutorial for this cute Fall Tissue Box! It's a really fast project, so let's get started!

Robin's Nest supplies:

Other supplies:
Cardboard tissue box cover
Red cardstock

 You will have to choose your dimensions based on the size of the tissue box cover, but here are some guidelines...

Cut out a piece of your glitter cardstock about 1 inch larger on each side of the top. Trace the opening on the cardstock and draw a line in the middle.

Then draw lines radiating out from that center line to the outside edge that you traced. These lines will then be cut with scissors or a blade. Don't cut the outside line.

Center it on the top of the tissue box cover and start turning those cut edges under, gluing them to the inside as you go. 

All of the cut edges are now turned to the inside and glued down.

Make a cut from the outside edge to the corner on all four sides of the overhanging piece. These edges will now be turned down and glued, and the tab will turn the corner so that all sides are covered with no exposed box.

Next, cut the red cardstock the same height as the box. You will need two pieces to overlap and go all the way around the outside of the box. 

Next, measure the side of the box, and cut your decorative paper 1/4 inch shorter on both dimensions.

Adhere your decorative paper, add ribbon, Dew Drops, or other embellishments,and you're done! 

I think this turned out so cute! Thanks for stopping by today!



The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Soo cute!! I love your tutorial too! Great choice of cardstock!

Karen said...

Great instructions! Thanks for the tips!

Colleen said...

Great direction and love the end result.

Shelly K. Hein-Simmons said...

Great project! Turned out really cute!

marie-christine denis said...

Beautiful project! I would like the same!

Charity said...

So well made!

Tracy F. said...

Awesome project!

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