Friday, October 7, 2016

CanvasStock Pincushion Frame

While Fall has just begun (although you wouldn't know it here in San Diego!) it is not too early to start making some Christmas gifts.

When crafty friend Einat Kessler posted her adorable pincushion frame, I immediately knew 2 things:

a.  This would be a great little Christmas gift
b.  This would be a FABULOUS project for CanvasStock

With Einat's permission, I'm putting my Robin's Nest twist on her pincushion frame!

So let's get started -


CanvaStock (I am using the "Spa" design)
Mini Table Top Frame ($2.99 - $4.99 at Michael's)
Vintage Button (or your choice of any type of embellishment)
Batting (for cushion)
A good strong glue!
Small scrap of black cardstock


-Take  the frame "innards" out - discard glass or save for another project.
-Using the cardboard square from the frame, cut CanvasStock slightly larger than square. 
-Grab a "wad" of batting and glue to center back of your cut CanvasStock square
-Place cardboard square from frame on top of batting and fold CanvasStock edges over cardboard and glue (you may want to use some tape to hold edges down while glue sets)

-Glue black cardstock to frame backing
-Glue your CanvasStock "cushion" to center of of frame backing
-Close up your frame and manipulate cushion so that it pops out from the frame, and batting is even underneath
-Embellish as desired

Lessons learned from this project:

-On my next pincushion (yes, there will be more!) I will cut the CanvasStock MUCH larger to make it easier to manipulate and glue over the batting
-I may use steel wool as my stuffing to also sharpen pins and needles
-While I preferred to use my pincushion standing up, you can also remove the easel from the frame and use it flat on your table

Thanks for stopping by today!

Have a crafty weekend!


JAVAGIRL said...

Always a master mind

JAVAGIRL said...

Always a master mind

Colleen said...

What a great idea,love it.

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

This is a fabulous idea!! Great job! I love your lessons learned too, cute!

Tracy F. said...

Such a clever idea! Love it!

Michelle Wells said...

So clever. Very elegant

Angela Tombari said...

Beautiful idea!

marie-christine denis said...

Great project, love this!

Karen said...

Nice idea...very elegant too!

Charity said...

Such elegance!

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