Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Big Pumpkin 975 lbs!!

Hello all,

Robin posting today.
I have the cutest page ever!

Our friends took us to see a pumpkin they bought for their 
kids for Halloween.  It was 975 pounds!!!!!

I thought they were joking, 
but not so,
it was for real!

Here is the pumpkin,
me and my sweet friend Kathy.

With a picture this cool, I had to do an amazing page,
hopefully it really is that amazing!

Pumpkin Heads CardstockHalloween Stripe Glitter CardstockSpiderweb Glitter Cardstock

Orange Crackle Glitter CardstockSaffron Sunrise Cardstock

These are the 5 Robin's Nest cardstocks that I used in this layout.

I started out with the back side of the pumpkin cardstock and added this  texture paint to the
paper with this stencil.  This paper is one of my favorite Halloween cardstocks
in the Robin's Nest line.  It can look spooky or just fun like on this page. 

Curled up the top corner and added the orange crackle to the corner.

Then I added my photo and started with all the embellishments.

Here are the embellishments I used from The Robin's Nest.

Spooky Dew DropsGlitter Title Words

Halloween ChipboardLodge CutOuts CardstockOrange Crush Cards

Such a fun layout with spiders, straws, bats, pumpkins, stars, spiderwebs,
flowers, and dew drops. I also used black diamond drops for the
leaves on the pumpkins.

How is that for a 975 pound pumpkin!

Have a Happy Halloween!



marie-christine denis said...

Love this beautiful layout with colors and all embellishments!!!

Colleen said...

I love all the rich fall colors on this page. Turned out so awesome.

Charity said...

So many fun embellishments!

Shelly K. Hein-Simmons said...

Love your layers and texture - - are those staws on the page? Brilliant!

I want to grow a giant pumpkin in my yard!!

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Yowzas mother! This is a great page! Love your details too :)

Michelle Wells said...

What a fun layout! Perfection!

Katie Lamb said...

Wow that is one huge pumpkin. Love the layout too

Karen said...

Great layers. so many little details. wow!

Tracy F. said...

Fun page! Love all the details!

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