Monday, October 31, 2016

A Mermaid Head of Hair

Dew Drops, Starfish, and Fish Nest Oh My!

Hello Robin's Nest Readers!
I wanted to share how I made my Mermaid Hair which, of course, includes The Robin's Nest products!  

I started with a few extras from the our local craft store:
Green Flowers
Blue Flowers
Gold Leaves
Green Glitter Leaves
Pipe Cleaners in Green and Blue
Gold Wire
Scraperfect Glue
Water Dew Drops
Sea Glass Tear Drops

I also needed a wig from the Halloween Express store.  I decided on the hippy wig and then decided that I needed gold and glitter blue spray paint.

The Robin's Nest also has colored starfish and fishnet, so I decided to throw those in. Why not?

I started by painting mini rubber toys from the dollar store.  I started with a gold layer, then added a dusting of Glitter Blue spray paint, both from Krylon.

Let dry.

Add the Fishnet, then de-stem the flowers, and begin gluing, and metal twisting, and weaving.... Whatever you can do to get everything to stay in one place.

Add feathers, and more flowers; twisting and weaving again.

Add a blue colored starfish.

Then glue the plastic sea animals.

The Dew Drops are a perfect detail to create a Mermaid look.  Add a mini dot of Scraperfect's The Best Glue Ever, then place the Dew Drop, flat side down.

Add more Dew Drops.

And Tear Drops to the flowers for a wet look.

Pull the dreaded hair back and twist with pipe cleaners.

A closer look.

Viola! What do you think?  

I hope your day is super fun and crafty!

Rachel O'Crowley
The Robin's Nest


Karen said...

so clever & looks stunning!

Jackie P Neal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Colleen said...

So very clever, you certainly can think outside the box. Love it.

Tracy F. said...

So fun and creative! Love it!

Bev Code said...

OMG stunning, creative and so cool too

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Thanks! It was fun to wear!

Michelle Wells said...

Oh my gosh, absolutely gorgeous! Love this project! So creative :)

Charity said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE, this project os awesome!

Shelly K. Hein-Simmons said...

I love this so much - - I want a mermaid wig to wear everyday!!
It is really gorgeous!

Bev Code said...

so amazing and unique.. so very cool

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