Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Such a "Sweet" Purse!

Hello friends! This is Debb (Clickersister) and I have altered this cute little wooden purse. It's really nice the way it is, but I may want to turn this into a photo album. If so, that will be a post for another day. Soooo, let's get started!

The Robin's Nest items I used are:
Pink Glitter Journal Tag

Other supplies are:
Plain Wooden Purse
Paint and brush
Small screwdriver to remove and replace hardware

This is what the purse looked like before I started.

I cut out the cover pieces by tracing the outline of the purse onto the back of the paper and cutting it out. I added the journaling card and the "so sweet" label to the front.

Now remove the hardware and the handle from the purse. It's all in little pieces now. Don't be scared. I really thought I could get through a project without paint, but nope, I needed to paint the handle on this one! Anyway, now you can cut two pieces of paper about a half inch wider than the side of the purse. This one had two different widths, and I needed two of each width to go all the way around the purse. I also had to match the stripes.

Start gluing the paper onto the outside of the purse, with the extra width going towards the top. Match the edges as you're gluing.

Then you will need to make cuts all the way around the purse, with the cuts being smaller on the curves, so that they can overlap and be glued down better.

This is what it should look like finished.

Do both halves of the purse this way, then adhere the top and the bottom piece that you've cut out and embellished. 


You're now ready to re-attach the hardware and handle. I added more Dew Drops to the handle, along with a pink tulle bow. 

I hope you've enjoyed my project today! Thanks for stopping by!


Robin O'Crowley said...


Karen said...

great tutorial. super project!

Colleen LoVette said...

Very pretty and great tutorial.

Tracy F. said...

This is so sweet! Great tutorial!

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

So so sweet!! Great job!

Michelle Wells said...

Adorbs! Absolutely adorable!

Angela Tombari said...

Must try it! Gorgeous and useful!

Charity said...

Love the mix of patterns!

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