Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Dolphin Sighting

Hello Readers

Sometimes Serendipity is just part of your day.
We went on a vacation a few years back to Hilton Head, S.C.
Who ever thought that 2 years later we would be flying back and 
forth to that same area to visit kids and flip houses!

But, on this particular day at Hilton Head, we had met
some very fun people at church on Sunday who invited us to
come to their home and visit.
We did, had cookies and ice cream, and visited for a while,
and they invited us to come a few days later and
canoe on the ocean not far from their home.
They came with us in Kayaks, and we fit the 2 of us in the canoe.

So many things we saw on that morning, but the most
amazing of all were these dolphins that came and
went, some very close, though I did not have the camera
ready for the close dolphins.

He really isn't that far away,
and I just noticed I spelled dolphin wrong, 
well, I will fix that before this goes in the scrapbook for good.

Instead of rubbing on the waves rub on, I just cut it out leaving
the paper on the back and glued it with stick glue on the 
page right here,

I love this all seeing eye!
On of the cards.

I was able to use so many things in this layout!

Pink Glitter Coral

The background cardstock of the layout Pink Glitter Coral
Blue Raspberry Sorbet CardstockBeach Rub-on
Blue Sorbet glitter cardstock and beach rubons
Colored StarfishFishNet
bright starfish and fishnet
Leafy Green Cards  Saffron Cards
leafy cards and saffron cards

You never know when serendipity will come your way,
Have your camera ready for these fun parts of your day!!!

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You will find all sorts of fun products there!!!

Have a great day.




Karen said...

Love all the details!

Colleen said...

Lots of fun details. What a great day.

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Very cute!! I love it!

Angela Tombari said...

Such a creative LO! Love IT!

Tracy F. said...

Pretty page! Love all the details!

Charity said...

That fish net is so unexpected!

Robin O'Crowley said...

Thanks all

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