Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Welcome, Leo!

Hi! This is Debb (Clickersister) and I'm thrilled to be bringing you my very first post for The Robin's Nest! Our extended family just welcomed new baby Leo into the world, and I made this cute dinosaur wall hanging for his room!

Here's the list of supplies:
Light Red Plaid/Stripe Cardstock
I cut the letter out of chipboard with my cutting machine, but you could use a purchased letter of any kind. I then cut the striped/paper paper with the letter the correct way, and cut the back paper with the letter reversed so the back would be covered. Glue the ribbon to the top of the chipboard before adding the paper to cover.

Cut out one of the dinosaurs into a shape, then cut the glitter paper a little bit bigger. I rounded the corners on both pieces. Cut out the dinosaur feet to put below the letter and shape to your liking.

I added the diamond dew drops in a few places on the front of the piece.

Then I used the green tear drops to emphasize the dinosaur footprints! These are really cute!

I printed the baby's name on cardstock, cut it out and layered it with another piece of glitter paper, and added more dew drops.

I added dimensional foam tape to the back of each embellishment before placing them on the front of the wall hanging.

Finished! A cute wall hanging for a little boy's room!

Thanks for joining me today! 


Joanna Solecka said...

Great idea!!!!

Camille Short said...

This classy color combo makes a fun project!

Karen said...

Nice personalized letter. great tutorial!

Colleen said...

Very fun project.

Tracy F. said...

This is just so cute!

Charity said...

Love dino's and this is just adorable!

Angela Tombari said...

That's a super cute idea!

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