Thursday, June 16, 2016

Pinwheel trio

Good morning crafty friends, today I have a special post for you as this will be my last project for Robins Nest. I have made some super cute Pinwheels in decorated jars.

The materials I used can be purchased at

I used;
Smoky Chevron Cardstock - reverse side
Saffron Straw - Black piece used
Vintage Card Kit - cardstock used

I started by cutting 3 strips of the Classy ribbon

The 3 strips of the Smokey chevron cardstock (reverse side)

I then layered them and adhered them to some little glass bottles 

I then cut 3 pairs of mini pinwheels using a die, if you don't have a die you can make them by cutting squares of card stock, and making cuts from each corner into the center of the square but don't cut all the way in, you need about 1cm left uncut.

I then stuck 2 squares back to back using hi tack glue, I teased the flaps to make sure they didn't get glued

I then constructed the pinwheels by folding the top right point into the center, rotating and ding the same for each side. I fixed them together using black brads

I tied a little piece of black straw around the neck of each bottle

I then glued the pinwheels onto wooden skewers using hot glue

Next I added some tear shaped dew drop onto the front of the bottles

I added some hot glue to the base on the skewers and put them into the jar, this stops them moving round to much

How cute are they? I've had so much fun sharing my projects over the last six months and would love for you to keep up to date with what I create

Take care and thank you for all the lovely comments you have taken the time to share with me.


Colleen said...

Very cute project.

LisaM said...

Super cute project!

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Fun! Great decor!!

Life in colors said...

Very cute !

Karen said...

Love the use of "Classy Ribbon"

Carole Wright said...

Hi these are adorable x

Monia Fiocchi said...

Funny project!!!

Charity said...

what a HAPPY project!

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