Thursday, June 30, 2016

Fairy Tale Shoes

 Charity here from Scrappin' Chaos.
I am one of the new designers for the Robin's Nest and my specialty is Altered Items. I also happen to have a serious thing for dragons and mermaids. I don't have a lot of practice drawing, but I tried my hand at it for today's project.
I began my project with a white pair of tennis shoes, 
a tracing book by Chris Down, and a pile of Dew Drops!
 I chose a long tailed serpentine dragon for the right shoe and a mermaid with flowing hair for the left shoe. I am not to fond of how her face turned out...but her tail makes me VERY happy! LOL!
On the toe of the dragon's shoe I marked out a treasure pile.
On the mermaid's shoe I colored a treasure chest.
I added dew drops to the toes to give my fairy tale shoes live detail.
Artist Tip: Choose a glue that will move with the shoes or you will be scattering treasure as you walk!
 To finish my side designs I added pearls to the mermaids hair and a gem at her throat. I also adhered a few dew drops to her tail. The Dragon has black diamond dew drops on his wings and a green eye.
The dew drops are SUPER easy to use and so much fun.
My fairy tale shoes sparkle and shine with these perfect additions.

Metalic Gold Dew Drops

Thanks for stopping by to check out my work!
Be sure to post your interpretations of this project on our Facebook page!!!

Scrap On!



Michelle Wells said...

Absolutely LOVE the way you transformed plain tennis shoes, to FABULOUS tennis shoes!

Colleen said...

Very fun idea on how to use the Dew Drops.

Tracy F. said...

What a fabulous way to add some color to plain white tennis shoes!

Angela Tombari said...

Great idea, I'll try it for sure!

Karen said...

very original idea. thumbs up for creativity!

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Cute! I love your idea!

Shelly K. Hein-Simmons said...

All I can say is "WOW!!" These turned out so dang cool!!

Carole Wright said...

wow these are amazing indeed x

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