Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Embellishing Wine Bottles - Bottle 5


Robin here again,
I hope you are not tired of my wine bottles!

From previous posts,
I have been working on embellishing bottles for my guests coming
and using my guest house. And now that they are done,
maybe they will be just for decoration and not to put 
shower gel and shampoo in.

I bottles were given to me from Rachel and Cortney,
and some I have saved from the side of the road.

My work table while this project was in process.

Today's bottle is about as simple as you can
make a bottle.

It has a strip of Saffron Sunrise Cardstock glued around it.
Then a medallion I have saved from somewhere,
I'm not sure where, it could have come from my
mother's stash, I then tied a bow around the top,
added the cute Embellishment Card from the Saffron Sunrise
Collection, and instead of a cork,
I copied hand written paper from my sister-in-law
Stephanie, rolled it up and
put it inside the bottle.

 And there is bottle number !

 Simple and Cute!

Happy Crafting,
Find you some wine bottles,
add your favorite colors,
and trinkets you have saved for something
down the road,
and you have a wonderful
cute wine bottle.




The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Cute and simple! Great job!

Carole Wright said...

All beautiful as ever x

LisaM said...


Life in colors said...

They look great, cheers !

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