Friday, May 6, 2016

Dew Drop Mosaic Rocks

I recently saw some beautiful hand painted mandala rocks and was inspired to try a twist using Dew Drops.

This turned out to be such an easy project, but with really beautiful results.

So let's get crafty:

You will need......

Dew Drops,Tearops, Diamond Dew Drops and Mini DewDrops of every shape and size!
My examples use the following color mixes:  Men's, Spring Mini Dew Drops, Early Dawn and Baby Tear Drops
2 Lb Bag of river rocks from craft store (look for a bag with lots of flat stones!)
Spray Paint (I used Krylon Matte White)
A strong, clear adhesive

And then.......

-Give your rocks a light spraying of white paint (this is optional, but I wanted a white background under my Dew Drops)

-Apply your adhesive to top of rock, spread around using a foam paint brush

-Apply your Dew Drops using tweezers

*Designer's Tip:  Latex Gloves!  These are a MUST-HAVE in my craft room! You can pick up a box at Home Depot or Costco - so wonderful when you are using a lot of messy adhesives!

Experiment with different patterns.

These stones look beautiful in your outdoor planters, or even tucked in with your indoor houseplants - my pastel rock mimics a gazing ball when placed in this container

You could even place several in a crystal bowl as a centerpiece

Thanks for stopping by today - hope you have a crafty weekend!


Scrapenabler said...

Love these! Such a great idea.

Scrapenabler said...

Love these! Such a great idea.

LisaM said...

What a great idea! So cool!

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Very pretty!! I love them!

Monia Fiocchi said...

Super cute idea!!!

Terri Koszler said...

A super fun project

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