Friday, April 8, 2016

Magic Card

Colleen with a Magic card.  They take a little time to make but oh so worth it.  Can't you just see a child's face when they get a card like this.

This is what the card looks like when you give it to someone.

This is what is looks like when they pull on the ribbon.  Just like magic.

Now to show you how I made the card.  

I used Shocking Pink Glitter Sorbet Cardstock  and cut it down to an 8.5 x 11.5 piece of paper and folded in half.  

Turn the paper and fold into thirds. 

Now open it up and you are going to cut out the bottom 2 sections.  I have marked them with an "X" so you can see which ones to remove.  It should look like the 2nd photo once you have then cut out. Now when you fold the center up you might have to trim off a little on each side to make sure when you fold it up it should be nice and smooth.

Now you are going to cut out the center of the top section.  You want the top to have a little more room than the bottom.  Make sure you cut it the same distance on both sides.

Now take a circle punch, I used a 1" punch and you are going to make a half circle cut at the top.  Make sure you are just cutting the top piece.

We are going to work on the back of the card now.  I decided to add a couple layers of punches but this is up to you.  You might not even want to put anything on the back.

Now this part you need to be careful to not put too much glue on but on the first piece you fold in put a little glue along the very bottom and glue in place.  Also, make sure yo only glue the punch pieces and not the whole piece or your magic will not happen.

Now we are going to get working on the magic pieces.  First you stamp an image onto a piece of cardstock with Stazon and color it in, using the same stamp ink of a piece of transparency,  I used pigment ink and clear embossing powder and not a lot of heat but enough to set the powder.

The next part is very important, line up your 2 stamped images with the transparency on top and use a binder clip to keep them together.

You are going to want to test to see make sure you can slip these into the card.  Remember I said not to glue things to the back piece because this is where you make the magic happen.  The stamped image you colored goes behind the back piece (this is the bottom piece that was left after you cut off the 2 sides pieces) and transparency goes in the front of that piece.  If you have to trim it down you can do it at this point but PLEASE check out the next photo first.

You need to have 2 wings on either side so when you are cutting down your papers make sure you do this.  Always keep your binder clip on.

Once you have these cut to the size you need, you are going to need to put 2 little holes in the sides.  These are for eyelets to hold your images in place so they can't be pulled all the way out and give away the magic.  Test your images again and if everything fits, leave the images in and put your eyelets in place.

Now get that 1" punch out again and punch out another circle, fold that circle in half and put that over the 2 images and punch a hole in that and use another eyelet to hold the 2 images together.  Add some ribbon or yarn in the hole of the eyelet, that helps the recipient to pull the image out.

You are almost done, just add some embellishments making sure none of them touch the transparency or your image can't be pulled out.

I added some flowers using Wedding Cut Outs Cardstock to cut out the flowers using my cameo and then inking the edges.  For the centers of the flowers I used the pink dew drops from Daughter Mini Dew Drops and used the silver ones along 3 of the edges.

It does take time to make this but like I said so worth it when you are done.  I am hoping to make my grandson one for his birthday.

If you make one please let me know I would love to visit your blog to see it. Just click on my name and it will take you to my blog. Colleen


LisaM said...

Such a cool and pretty Magic card!

Carole Wright said...

Hi this is so clever really brilliant idea. x

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Great idea!! It is so fun! And your card is beautiful!!

Life in colors said...

Awesome card !

Karen said...

I love cards that are more than just the standard card design. Thanks for the inspiration!

Lyneen J said...

LOVE the magic that happens when you pull the tab of the card... AWESOME! Love the colors you used!

Monia Fiocchi said...

beautiful card!!!!

Terri Koszler said...

a very clever and pretty idea

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