Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Ride on the Beach!

Summer is on its way!!!  I have a lot of favorites when it comes to what I love to create... shadow boxes are near or on the top of my list!  Today I have for you one with Robin's Nest Palm Tree Cardstock!

Shadow Box
Transparent Brown paint
Robin's Nest Palm Tree Cardstock
Dew Drops Water
Dew Drops Fresh Mowed Grass
Small Starfish
Rosy Bike Chipboard
Leafy Green Compass Chipboard
Gel Medium
Tacky Glue
Foam Tape
Paint white shadow box with transparent brown paint, giving the box a color similar to sand.

Cut Robin's Nest Palm Tree Cardstock to fit the boxes of the shadow box.

Adhere Robin's Nest Palm Tree Cardstock in each section with gel medium.  In the large box adhere Leafy Green Compass Chipboard with gel medium, set aside to dry.

With tacky glue create beach vignettes in the three small boxes with Dew Drops Water, Fresh Mowed Grass, Small Starfish, seashells and charms.
A little ship in a seashell with Dew Drops Water, Fresh Mowed Grass and Small Starfish !
Sanddollar on the beach with Dew Drops Fresh Mowed Grass !

Anchor, Seahorse plus  Dew Drops Fresh Mowed Grass and Small Starfish!

Adhere the Rosy Bike Chipboard with foam tape for dimension, create a beach scene around the bike, including a the bottle with a message.

To make the bottle with a message cut a piece scrap paper, roll it up and tie with heavy thread.

To finish add charms around the edge of the box to frame it!


Marina Gridasova said...

so very pretty!

LisaM said...

Beautiful shadow box!

Colleen LoVette said...

Wonderful shadow box

Carole Wright said...

Hi this is fabulous what a brilliant idea, its like a treasure box x

Karen said...

This is so cute! I love miniatures!

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Great project! Great theme too!!

Shawn Ricks said...

I think I am going to have a go at recreating this piece - so up my alley :)

Monia Fiocchi said...

Stunning!!! :D

Terri Koszler said...

What a fabulous project

Lyneen J said...

Thanks everyone for all the Kudos... it was a fun project to make!!!

Life in colors said...

Great project! Love the products you used on it !

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