Saturday, April 30, 2016

Irresistible Layout

You will love this glitter star scrapbook paper by The Robin's Nest for your kid's pages. It's so bright, happy, & full of energy. You will find it just perfect for birthdays, trips to the park, or candid playtime photos. 

 A Closer Look: 

Directions:1. Trim 1/2' from the edge of both sides of 12' red cardstock to make an 11.5' square. Cut a irregular frame hole from the center of 11.5' red cardstock to look like an explosion blast. Attach the red frame to Circles Glitter Cardstock.

2. Cut the main photo into a 3.5' square, and matte it with Brilliant Blue Glitter Cardstock. Use a 2.5' circle punch to cut one photo and use a 1.5' circle punch to cut three smaller photos. Frame three photos with blue cardstock and one with red cardstock.

3. Arrange the photos and then use a pencil to lightly mark any designs in the background paper that will be hidden under photos. Next, carefully use a craft knife cut around the images that you have selected. Use the designs you have removed as embellishments and adhere them with foam tape to the layout. Next, cut a selection of various size red & white stars.

 4. Add the title under the main photo using Blue Glitter Stickers. TIP: Place the letters on a piece of transparent plastic sheet just temporarily so that you can try different places for the title and find the perfect placement before you stick them down.

5. Finally, matte the 11.5' layout by adhering it to the striped paper which is the reverse side of Bunny Cardstock. TIP: For the frugal crafter, carefully cut out the middle of the striped paper and save it for another project. Since it will be hidden by the layout only revealing the border, cut a 10' square with a craft knife.
6. Lastly, embellish the layout with a sprinkling of Goldenberry Dew Drops.


Robin's Nest Supplies:

Birthday Mouse Stars Glitter Cardstock, Bunny Cardstock (stripe on reverse side), Blue Glitter Cardstock, Blue Glitter Letter Stickers, Goldenberry Dew Drops, Dew Dew Glue

Other Supplies: red/white/blue cardstock, circle punch 1.5" 2" 3" (Marvy Uchida)

Thanks for visiting!

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Altered Photo Album using Robin's Nest products

Hi.. Bev here today. I am hosting the Robin's Nest project today. I am sharing a photo album that I altered from pink flowers to a more rustic Zoo type themed cover.  

Supply List:
The Robin's Nest Products
Rubons: Palm Tree 
Other: ribbon, mesh, washi tape, copic marker, Mod Podge

The cover was a beautiful fun bold bright pink with flowers.. not exactly what I wanted for memories of our trip to the zoo. My eldest son and family visited us in Florida early New Year and we had a great excursion to the Brevard Zoo while they were here.

1. Start by taking your album apart into pieces.
2. If you know that the outer edges need colour cover do it first. I used a black copic marker to cover the edges that would show... but would be too hard to cover with paper.
3. Cover the outer front and back to your liking. I use glue and Mod Podge. Be sure to cover the full area, Smooth over to eliminate all air bubbles. Let dry totally before working on this section again.

4. While album covers are drying you can make and decorate a panel to go on the front cover to show what the album contains. I used herringbone CS and the reverse side of Airplane CS to start the base of my front cover. I added some mesh, cut tag off lodge CS, added lots of rubons that suited the theme of adventure, Florida and travel. 

5. I added some washi tape for depth and layers and matted some of the accents.
6. Now I coated it with Mod Podge to cover it all, gives it a shimmer and then let it totally dry.

7. Here is a tip for drying when things along the outer edges are wet also... but the centre is dry. Balance them up off the work surface using say.... a coffee mug? Like in the photo. It was perfect.

8. While things are drying again.. you can cover and get the end panel covered. 

9. While things were still drying I also sorted my photos for the album and placed them inside ready to go.

10. Here is my finished album done. It's a little thick so I ribbon tied the album closed so it was spreading open. This will make a great gift for my son and family full of memories or their Florida trip and time spent with us.

Here is the back done in a different print.... your options to use what ever you like.

A different side view of the album with pages inserted and all finished.


Thanks for stopping by. I had fun sharing this easy to make projects and sure you will enjoy making one too some day..... perfect token gift for so many memories.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Daisy time is now!!

New layout for The Robin's Nest tutorial post! Still spring air and many daisies in the meadows ... perfect time to sit and relax!

I added a distressed stripe of Green-Butterflies-Glitter-Cardstock and some spray ink drops
I also added a Green-Glitter-Journaling under the photo composition
I added the Alpha-Glitter-Stickers as main title, little cardstock butterfly (made from paper cutouts), my lovely dew drops all over, stripes of Very-Black-Glitter-Cardstock, a little doily by Saffron-Bike-Die-Cuts set
some details...
I added Saffron-Bike-Die-Cuts (stunning glitter bike!)
I hope you like it!!! Happy spring!!!

The Robin Nest products:

spray inks
metal embellishment

Be you Be brave

Hello creatives!

Today I show you a packaging project designed as a gift to two very special people.
First of all, I chose two cardstock amongst my favourite ones; 
I shaped them using the BIG SHOT, and created and pasted various embellishments.
My friends really liked my presents, so I hope you like them as well.
See you soon with my next inspiration!

Dew Dew Glue
Rosy Stripe Cardstock
Azure ribbon
Mini dewdrops
Mocha daisy cardstock
Bunny cardstock 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Home TWEET Home!

Several of these cute little bird houses would make cute decorations on a party table.  Use them for a tea party or a spring time center piece.

Wooden birdhouse
Craft Paint
Dew Drops - Easter
Tear Drops - Rose Hips
Robin's Nest Pink Roses on Green Cardstock
Robin's Nest Bunny Stripe Cardstock
Silk Flowers
Yellow Shred
Glue stick
Tacky Glue

Paint wooden birdhouse with craft paint.

Measure sides and roof of the birdhouse, cut Robin's Nest Pink Roses on Green Cardstock to fit, adhere with glue stick.

On the front use a small file to get clean edges for the heart opening of the birdhouse.

Use tacky glue to trim the roof with Tear Drops - Rose Hips

Add trim around the bottom of the house using stripe from Robin's Nest Bunny Stripe Cardstock.

Add Dew Drops - Easter around the bottom of the birdhouse platform.

A gold dew drop on the end of the perch, silk flowers add a garden touch to the little birdhouse and yellow shred inside the birdhouse are the finishing touches! 


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