Thursday, March 17, 2016

Rock on dude

Terri here with today's crafty project.  

As a mother of 2 non girly girls I'm always looking for ways to store their bit's and bob's. My youngest has lots of funky earrings and I wanted to create something that matches her personality in which to keep them. When I saw the flame car kit I was inspired.

For my project I am using a box that some nail varnish came in and the following Robins Nest products;

I started by removing the mirror from the inside lid of my box

Next I added a piece of the black card from the Flame card kit which has little silver flecks in it to the inside of the lid.

I then stuck a piece of Flame card onto the bottom of the box

For the sides I wrapped a strip of the Black card around the side and front as I will be overlapping a front piece, I did this for both side panels

Next I cut another piece of the Black card to fit the front panel of my box and added some double sided tape

I wrapped some red straw trim around the card

and secured it into place with the double sided tape

I stuck this in place on the front of the box

I added a loop of the red straw trim with double sided tape to act as a opener

I then stuck a piece of the flame card over the top of the box lid

I replaced the mirror inside the box and embellished it using the red diamond dew drops

I added a circle of red chipboard stamped with my daughters initals on the front panel of the box

Next I edges a red chipboard tag with black alcohol ink and stamped a saying on it which relates to my daughters personality

I added the tag to the top of the box using strong glue.

The inside of the boxs looks just as awesome as the outside.

I hope you like my project as much as me and my daughter do.  Thank you for stopping by.

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