Sunday, February 7, 2016

Little Dresses!

Little dresses would be great center pieces for a princess party!
I love playing with paper... if it can be made with paper I will figure out how!

White on White Classic Glitter Cardstock
Dew Drops Goldenberry
Tacky Glue

Cut a 5x5 inch square from White on White Classic Glitter Cardstock. Using a bone folder score into 16ths. 

On the straight of the paper glue the valleys together.
When you are finished the skirt should look like this.
Cut a small hole in the center of the skirt.
Glue lace to the inside of the skirt, be sure it shows!  Attach tulle inside with tacky glue 

Draw a pattern for the dress top about 5 inches long (total front and back).  When designing sketch on copy paper.  Then cut on the pattern on the fold at the shoulders then the front and back will be the same.  
Score the front sides, cut 2 tabs.  Score and cut tabs on the back, with tacky glue adhere the sides.  This creates a 3D dress top. Attach to dress top to the skirt with tacky glue inside the top.  Add lace and Dew Drops Goldenberry to finish.  The lace creates cap sleeves!


Spring Strip Glitter Cardstock
Pink Roses on Green Cardstock
Butterflies Dew Drops
Tacky Glue

Cut a 4x4 inch square from Pink Roses on Green Cardstock. Using a bone folder score into 8ths. Round each of the corners to make a big flower.  

Cut a small hole in the center. Gently create a valley (do not fold) between each of the folds.

Glue lace to the under side of the skirt, make sure the lace will show when the skirt is finished!  Put tacky  glue around the edges of the hole and hold  the skirt to give it shape (until the glue starts to dry).
Create the dress top as described in the above Spring Dress using Spring Strip Glitter Cardstock .  With Tacky glue add lace to the inside the bottom of the dress top and around the collar.   A cute waist piece was added from the Pink Roses on Green Cardstock
Attach to dress top to the skirt with tacky glue inside the top.  Embellish with Butterflies Dew Drops!!

One last photo to show the finished size of the dresses!


Marina Gridasova said...

so pretty dresses! great idea!

Carole Wright said...

these are so adorable x

LisaM said...

Love your pretty dresses!

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

So cute!!! Perfect for parties!! Great job Lyneen!

Karen said...

I love 3D paper projects. Very inspiring!

Monia Fiocchi said...

funny idea to use the paper in a dress! I love it!!!

Astrid de Beer-Logtenberg said...

So super sweet ! Really love this idea !

Colleen LoVette said...

Just so very cute.

Bev Code said...

super cute. fab idea

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