Thursday, February 4, 2016

Floating floral cup

Hi Terri here, thanks for stopping by to join me for today blog post.  The project I am sharing was inspired by a cup and saucer I found in a local charity shop and with Mothers day not too far away (here in the UK) I wanted to create something very different, I hope you like it.

For my project I used the following Robins Nest materials

I started by gathering the materials I would need 

I then used some pliers to bend my fork into shape

and tested the angles to see if things looked pleasing to the eye

I stuck the prongs of my fork to the saucer using hot glue, it's best to add several layers of glue allowing each to go cold before adding the next.

I added some coins to give a bit of stability, nobody wants their work of art to tumble over and break after all

I then glued the end of the fork into the cup using a fast dry glue and then added a layer of hot glue on don't want to much weight this end or it will topple over

I cut several flowers from the bunny stripe card stock and used a balling tool and foam mat to give dimension to them, as you can see I am using the reverse side of the card facing upwards

I then started to glue the flowers with very small amounts of hot glue, starting in the mouth of the cup and then down the fork, I wanted it to look like the flowers are flowing from the cup

I then continued to place flowers on the saucer

I die cut 2 butterflies and gave them some shape

I used dew dew glue to add dew drops to the center of some of the flowers

I stuck one butterfly on the edge of the saucer

and another on top of the cup

and here it is, sitting pretty in my fireplace

I hope you like this project and are inspired to try it yourself. Have a great weekend x


The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

This is sooo cool!!!! Very cool idea! Great job Terri!

Camille Short said...

Beautiful! As always!

Giorgia Rossini said...

Stunning project!

Marina Gridasova said...

Wow! it's amazing project!

Carole Wright said...

wow this is fabulous x

Colleen said...

What a super idea and great tutorial to make one. So very pretty.

LisaM said...

Wonderful project!

Shelly K. Hein-Simmons said...

I am in LOVE with this project!! Beautiful - I want to give it a try!!

Daliuska Malpica said...

Amazing idea!!!

Lyneen J said...

HOW CLEVER!!!! Love the suspended teacup!!! AWESOME project!

Karen said...

Sweet! This is fabulous and a very effective illusion.
I want to make one now!

Bev Code said...

super amazing, fab idea .. stunning

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