Tuesday, December 8, 2015

In the winter a coaster for Hot Chocolate

Hello Ladies! How is everything going???

This is one of my last posts, this year have been full of laughs, surprises, travels and cold!

This time of the year is full of gifts, family trips, family dinners, parties and sometimes can be stressful to find the right present for somebody in our friends group, because of that I just find this idea super as gift and is very easy to do and looks great. 

You can adapt it to any ocassion that you want an any person.

Tile coasters!

What you will need is 4 tiles (they can be found on Home Depot for about 20 cents), one sheet of design paper or cardstock, mod podge (matte or gloss) cork (it can be found in any craftstore with or without adhesive)

You start adding a layer of mod podge over the glossy side of the tile and add the DP of your preference, I used the Blue Fleur Cardstock and add another layer of mod podge on top and let it dry for about 20 min. Repeat this process 4 times.

When they are dry you can add 3 more layers of mod ppdge to make it water resistant. Later on when they are totally dry you put the cork under the tile/coaster, and spray a bit of matte
/ gloss acrilic sealer. Make a nice box to save them and voilĂ ! A perfect handmade present.

I made my box using the Envelope Punch Board using a piece of cardstock of 10", and scoring at 3 3/8" and 5 1/2" all around. 

Then decorated the box with the rest I did not use in the project.

Put the tiles ready inside

And ready to give!

I hope you enjoyed this project and remember to visit us daily for our daily inspiration. 



Caroleanne Wright said...

So cute x

Colleen said...

Great gift idea.

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Great idea! You really could use this for so many different occasions! Great tutorial!

Tonya said...

Quick and simple! Great job!

Bev Code said...

fabulous box

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