Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Savanna in the Fall

Hello Robin's Nest Readers
Robin posting today.

2 years ago we stopped in Savanna on our way home from a Mexico
humanitarian trip.  It was our fall vacation.
You know, when you are retired there should
be more than one vacation a year, right?

I had envisioned a fall like you see in New England,
however, that was not the case.  
Autumn in the south is not full of changing 
tree colors, or falling leaves.
But in Savanna, the beautiful old houses
were decorated with mums and pumpkins.

I wanted to take advantage of this fall look.
It has its own beauty that I love.
I took such fun pictures, and it makes me want to be in
Savanna again to feel this fall.

I decided when I put the photos next to different Robin's Nest
papers, I decided to go with our new lines 
and the grey dot cardstock.  

I think I am on a grey kick right now.
So in the next few months, you probably will see
a little more grey.

The leaves, dew drops, and Honey Passion archival seeds all come from
the Robin's Nest. The journaling is on Robin's Nest Journaling tags.

Archival seeds, dew drops, leaves, and 
the orange tag on top is brand new, it comes from
the Carrot Crush Cards, and Carrot Crush line. 

From The Saffron Sunrise collection comes the Saffron Sunrise
Cardstock. one of my favs, and honestly one of my
favorite colors of all our lines.

Glitter chipboard pumpkins, archival seeds and dew drops.

I love to use pages from paper back books,
I have used this alot lately, and will probably continue to
use them.  
Savanna was a treasure to visit.
such a quaint town with such beautiful homes, and
the big 1000 lb pumpkin was on the waterfront walk with shops.


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The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Cute! Savannah looks fun! I love the colors you chose, very pretty!

Tonya said...

I wanted to go to Savannah art college when I was young because of the sights and there was a beach but it never happened. Awesome job on your layout!

Robin O'Crowley said...


Cindy Brown said...

Superbe Layout wow

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