Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Thanksgiving in a bottle

Hi everyone!!! How are you doing?

Dali here...

Thanksgiving is getting close and for sure we are searching original and cute ideas to make that day extra special...!!!

This project is perfect for make a bunch for different occasions and have them ready to use once we need them.

Today we are making a bottle wrap... This wrap is made for the standard bottles of wine 3" diagonal and about 12" tall.

Cute isn't it???

Well now lets do the steps to make this project!

1.- cut a piece of cardstock of 11" x 12". I used Brown on Brown Glittler Cardstock as base.

2.- On the 12" side, make score lines at 2" and 10".

3.- Turn the cardstock 90 degrees, and score at 1 3/4"; 3 1/2"; 5 1/4"; 7"; 8 3/4" and 10 1/2".

4.- With the cardstock as is, we are going to make some notches in the top part of it. May be you can not detail good in the picture, but they are there, in the middle of each top rectangle.

5.- Now we are going to split the bottom part of the cardstock. And cut away the two tiny rectangles (top & bottom) at the side of the cardstock.

6.- with the help of the notches, cut triangles as the notch will be the top of the triangle. 

7.- open holes in the middle top section of each triangle.

8.- fold all the score lines and make good creasing.

9.- Decorate as you wish. I used the Leaf Glitter Cardstock, cut 6 pieces of 1 1/2" x 7 3/4", and decorate each panel. 

10.- after decoration is ready I glued the bag together, for this, just apply glue to the last side panel and folded in half for a more precise attachment. In this step you can leave it for saving it for another moment, you will only have to glue the bottom when it is ready for use. 

11.- now we need to glue the bottom, for more precise I inserted the bottle of wine and glued each of the rectangles to each other.

The rest is add some ribbon into the holes, and I added a banner with some Fall Rub - Ons to add the last touch.

I hope you enjoyed the project of today and keep coming for more amazing ideas to come!

Don't forget to join us in our monthly layout challenge for a great prize! 

Tot zo...


Colleen said...

Great idea and love the end result.

Miranda said...

I love this!!!!! This is adorable!!!!

Jess M said...

This is so cute!

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Great Idea! I live your tutorial too! I am using this idea!! Love it!

Cindy Brown said...

Superbe Idea

Bev Code said...

amazing decorative bottle cover..love it

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