Friday, October 30, 2015

It's Hip to be Square with this Mid-Century Artist Trading Block--Part Two

Today is Part Two of the Mid-Century Artist Trading Block Tutorial. I'm Betsy Skagen of Paper Calliope, and if you missed it, you can see Part One of the Artist Trading Block Tutorial in yesterday's post. 

Step 11: Lay the spikey parts of the cross-hatched piece on top of the square of Teal Glitter Cardstock and spritz it with Teal Zircon Radiant Rains. Heat dry.

Step 12: Cover all of the chipboard pieces you cut out in Step 8 with gesso. Heat dry. Sand all of the pieces except the rectangles with fine-grit sandpaper.

Step 13: Paint the starburst with Summer Breeze Primary Elements. Heat dry. Rub off some areas so that the white shows through. Paint The rectangles you left unsanded should have a slightly rough surface. Create an aged patina by building up Summer Breeze, Hot Cinnamon and Nutmeg Primary Elements, heat drying between colors.

Step 14: Paint four vintage game markers with Moss Green Acrylic Silks, letting original wood show through. Let dry.

Step 15: Stipple Awning Stripe Cardstock with Summer Breeze, Forest Green, Hot Cinnamon and Nutmeg Primary Elements. 

Step 16: Adhere rectangle chipboard onto the Awning Stripe side of cube. Overlay the rounded mixed media paste rectangle.  

Step 17: Adhere the starburst to side of cube with Moss Green Glitter Cardstock. 

Step 18: Adhere the staggered paste shapes to the to side of cube with the Dinosaur Cardstock. 

Step 19: Adhere the cross-hatched chipboard to the to side of cube with its silhouette, making sure you place it in a different direction. 

Step 20: Cut a 2 1/4" square from Airplane Cardstock. Punch holes in each corner. Insert tops of game markers. Adhere to top of cube with dot side of Smoky Chevron Cardstock. 

Step 21: Glue the back of the swirly piece in the Azure Straw Collection to the back of Airplane Cardstock. Bend to form a base tab and create a half circle. Paint the white part of the swirly with Moss Green Acrylic Silks. Heat dry. Glue the base to the top of the 2 3/4 square. Shape the teal and silver ribbon from the Azure Collection to form twisting eights and glue to the center of each side of your half circle. Adhere a Metallic Teal Dew Drop from the Azure Collection ton top of where you glued the ribbon. 

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