Friday, October 16, 2015

Fall Invitation Tag

Hello Crafty Friends !!

Here is my fall invitation tag that I created for my parents for the Fall Festival.

I will be making 23 of these cute invitations for my students to give to their parents. 

Supplies :

Green Moss Cardstock

Kiwi Sobert

Time flies Rubon

Step 1 :

Create the base of the invitation. I created the base using my cricut machine.
The base of the invitation is in Kiwi Sobert.

Step 2 :
Add the Rub on on the top of the base . Then create the frame or the small top note. In the picture on
top it is the Green Moss creation.

Step 3:
Add the pocket for the tickets and raffle tickets.

Step 4:
Add the leaf  and the butterfly.

Step 5 :
Ink your edges

All Done !

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