Friday, October 30, 2015

It's Hip to be Square with this Mid-Century Artist Trading Block--Part Two

Today is Part Two of the Mid-Century Artist Trading Block Tutorial. I'm Betsy Skagen of Paper Calliope, and if you missed it, you can see Part One of the Artist Trading Block Tutorial in yesterday's post. 

Step 11: Lay the spikey parts of the cross-hatched piece on top of the square of Teal Glitter Cardstock and spritz it with Teal Zircon Radiant Rains. Heat dry.

Step 12: Cover all of the chipboard pieces you cut out in Step 8 with gesso. Heat dry. Sand all of the pieces except the rectangles with fine-grit sandpaper.

Step 13: Paint the starburst with Summer Breeze Primary Elements. Heat dry. Rub off some areas so that the white shows through. Paint The rectangles you left unsanded should have a slightly rough surface. Create an aged patina by building up Summer Breeze, Hot Cinnamon and Nutmeg Primary Elements, heat drying between colors.

Step 14: Paint four vintage game markers with Moss Green Acrylic Silks, letting original wood show through. Let dry.

Step 15: Stipple Awning Stripe Cardstock with Summer Breeze, Forest Green, Hot Cinnamon and Nutmeg Primary Elements. 

Step 16: Adhere rectangle chipboard onto the Awning Stripe side of cube. Overlay the rounded mixed media paste rectangle.  

Step 17: Adhere the starburst to side of cube with Moss Green Glitter Cardstock. 

Step 18: Adhere the staggered paste shapes to the to side of cube with the Dinosaur Cardstock. 

Step 19: Adhere the cross-hatched chipboard to the to side of cube with its silhouette, making sure you place it in a different direction. 

Step 20: Cut a 2 1/4" square from Airplane Cardstock. Punch holes in each corner. Insert tops of game markers. Adhere to top of cube with dot side of Smoky Chevron Cardstock. 

Step 21: Glue the back of the swirly piece in the Azure Straw Collection to the back of Airplane Cardstock. Bend to form a base tab and create a half circle. Paint the white part of the swirly with Moss Green Acrylic Silks. Heat dry. Glue the base to the top of the 2 3/4 square. Shape the teal and silver ribbon from the Azure Collection to form twisting eights and glue to the center of each side of your half circle. Adhere a Metallic Teal Dew Drop from the Azure Collection ton top of where you glued the ribbon. 

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

It's Hip to be Square with this Mid-Century Artist Trading Block--Part One

I've never watched an episode of Mad Men, but in the past couple of years I have begun to love mid-century style. This is somewhat ironic, since even though I grew up in a home filled with contemporary classics, I was never particularly fond of the furniture style until more recent years.

I'm Betsy Skagen of Paper Calliope and my Artist Trading Block is not exactly a tribute to the clean lines from the likes of mid-century designers Eero Saarinen and Charles and Ray Eames. Rather, it gleefully bows to the kidney shaped motel sign, the atomic starburst wall clock and the Melamine plates adorned with olive green intersecting shapes. In other words: the wonderful world of tacky modernism.

Tutorial to make the Mid-Century Artist Trading Block

Step 1: Cut thick foam core from Eileen Hull's Sizzix Block XL Scoreboard Die. 

Step 2: Place Mixed Media Fragments Retro chipboard on white cardstock and apply modeling paste. Remove and clean Fragment. Repeat using
 Mixed Media Fragments 2 chipboard. Let paste dry overnight. 

Step 3: Place the circles from the Mixed Media Fragments 1 chipboard on Airplane Cardstock and apply regular gel matte. Remove and clean Fragments. Let gel dry overnight.  

Step 4: Cut a rounded rectangle from the Mixed Media Fragments Retro paste sheet. Paint it with white gesso. Heat dry. Then paint with Summer Breeze Primary Elements. To use the Primary Elements, lightly spritz your work surface with water, dip your brush in the Primary Elements color of choice and apply it to the water droplets. . 

Step 5: Next paint the raised areas with Nutmeg Primary Elements and Hot Cinnamon Primary Elements.

Step 6Cut a staggered shape from the Mixed Media Fragments 2 paste sheet. Cover it with white gesso. Heat dry. Then paint it with Summer Breeze and Forest Green Primary Elements, letting some white show through to give it a distressed look. Add Nutmeg Primary Elements along the edges to enhance the distressed look

Step 7: Cut a square from the Airplane Cardstock with the clear gel that will fit the size of your cube. Paint the recessed areas lightly with Hot Cinnamon Primary Elements. Dab away excess with a damp paper towel to your liking.

Step 8Cut off a starburst and a couple rectangles from the Mixed Media Fragments Retro chipboard. Cut off the spikey parts of the cross-hatched piece from the Mixed Media Fragments 1 chipboard (yes, that's the technical term). 

Step 9: Cut five additional squares that fit your cube from Dinosaur Cardstock (plain side), Moss Green Glitter CardstockSmoky Chevron Cardstock (dot side), Awning Stripe Cardstock and Teal Glitter Cardstock.

Step 10: Adhere the squares to the cube. Add decorative tape to the edges

You have reached the half-way point of the tutorial. Stop by the Robin's Nest tomorrow to see Part Two of the Mid-Century Artist Trading Block Tutorial.

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Mulling Spices as a Gift

Mulling Spices as a Gift

Hello Robin's Nest Readers!  I hope that your day has been very inspirational and craft, of course.
I wanted to share my Hostess Gifts that I have made for the upcoming Thanksgiving Dinners.  I had to make two because we visit both of our families for this fabulous holiday.

I just love the smells of Fall.  These seasonings are perfect.

To start this project, you will need to cut up an orange in slices and put in a 200F degree oven for two hours.  

I try to pull everything together that I think that I am going to use for the project.  I am using our Glitter Burgundy Cardstock, Limoncello Cardstock, Gold Cardstock, Glitter Leaf Cardstock, TRN Natural Tine, Emerald Green Diamond Dew Drops, Fall Rub-On, Tropicana Cardstock, and Red Chili Cardstock.  Other products: The Best Glue Ever, spices that I will list in the end, and two pickle jars.

Fill your sink up with hot water and let the jars set until you are finished with the tags.

To start the tags, cut into the shape that you want.  I chose the simple tag shape.

Cut the Tropicana Cardstock into a smaller tag shape.  I tore the bottoms of the tags to give a different dimension.

Cut out the turkey from our Fall Rub-On and rub onto the Tropicana Cardstock.

Rub the "give thanks" saying onto the bottom tag.

I like the subtly of the colors together.

Then take our Glitter Pumpkins and the leaves that were cut from the Glitter Cardstock and see how you want to place them.

I also used this card from our Rosy Cards.  The colors of the red chevron pattern were perfect for more depth.

Punch a hole in the top of the tags.

Staple these together.

Add Emerald Green Diamond Dew Drops to the top of the pumpkins and tie Natural Twine around the tag.


Tie a loopy in the twine.  This will attach to the bottle when we are finished filling it.

Take oranges out of oven.

Make sure that the bottles are completely dry after removing the labels.

Fill the bottles with the dried oranges, cinnamon sticks, whole anise stars, whole cloves, ginger root chunks, and whole allspice. 
I tied pieces of fabric onto the tops of the jars.  (you may need someone to help you.  I did get it by myself, but I would have had less of a hard time with an extra pair of hands)

What do you think?  

I hope this inspires you to create your own Hostess Gift for Thanksgiving.
Until next time,
Happy Crafting!
Rachel O'Crowley
The Robin's Nest
We Create to Inspire

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Surprise everyone and hi! It's me, Tonya and I'm here to share a Christmas card I created using leftover scraps of cardstock. Christmas is right around the eight weeks away...and for the next few weeks I will be sharing a quick Christmas project on the Robin's Nest to inspire you all. :-)

I started with a 5 1/2"x6" folded piece of Distressed Trees Specialty Paper (tree part cut off). The following scraps of cardstock I used on this card is as follows: Green Grass Glitter CardstockWrap Glitter CardstockLeaf Stripe CardstockForest Trees Specialty Paper (back side of paper), Sour Apple Glitter Cardstock. I inked and adhered a 4" doily to the upper corner of the card and then placed the scraps around on the card until I liked the way it looked and then glued to the card. If you are uncomfortable "winging" layers on a card you can find sketches on Pinterest to go by.

I also fussy cut a Green Glitter Journaling card out, cut in half and inked the edges. I cut and adhered scraps of cardstock to cover the lines on the card. I printed the merry sentiment from the computer. I cut out and inked the edges, glued it to the journaling card along with a red sequin and a Fresh Mowed Grass Dew Drop

The Santa image I had rubber stamped and used pastels to color the image over a year ago but never got around to using it. I thought it would be the perfect addition to the card. I added a little Stickles for a glittery look, distressed the edges of the image, adhered thread and the silver thread from the Rosy Straw package to finished off the card.
If you would like to see more of the Christmas Collection please check out the Robin's Nest website.
If you have any questions about this card please let me know.

Robin's Nest Supplies:Distressed Trees Specialty Paper,Green Grass Glitter CardstockWrap Glitter CardstockLeaf Stripe CardstockForest Trees Specialty Paper Sour Apple Glitter Cardstock,Green Glitter Journaling cardFresh Mowed Grass Dew DropRosy Straw
Other Supplies: Thread, Paper Doily, Chalk Ink, Santa image

Thanks for stopping by, hope your Wednesday is awesome and enjoy creating!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Thanksgiving in a bottle

Hi everyone!!! How are you doing?

Dali here...

Thanksgiving is getting close and for sure we are searching original and cute ideas to make that day extra special...!!!

This project is perfect for make a bunch for different occasions and have them ready to use once we need them.

Today we are making a bottle wrap... This wrap is made for the standard bottles of wine 3" diagonal and about 12" tall.

Cute isn't it???

Well now lets do the steps to make this project!

1.- cut a piece of cardstock of 11" x 12". I used Brown on Brown Glittler Cardstock as base.

2.- On the 12" side, make score lines at 2" and 10".

3.- Turn the cardstock 90 degrees, and score at 1 3/4"; 3 1/2"; 5 1/4"; 7"; 8 3/4" and 10 1/2".

4.- With the cardstock as is, we are going to make some notches in the top part of it. May be you can not detail good in the picture, but they are there, in the middle of each top rectangle.

5.- Now we are going to split the bottom part of the cardstock. And cut away the two tiny rectangles (top & bottom) at the side of the cardstock.

6.- with the help of the notches, cut triangles as the notch will be the top of the triangle. 

7.- open holes in the middle top section of each triangle.

8.- fold all the score lines and make good creasing.

9.- Decorate as you wish. I used the Leaf Glitter Cardstock, cut 6 pieces of 1 1/2" x 7 3/4", and decorate each panel. 

10.- after decoration is ready I glued the bag together, for this, just apply glue to the last side panel and folded in half for a more precise attachment. In this step you can leave it for saving it for another moment, you will only have to glue the bottom when it is ready for use. 

11.- now we need to glue the bottom, for more precise I inserted the bottle of wine and glued each of the rectangles to each other.

The rest is add some ribbon into the holes, and I added a banner with some Fall Rub - Ons to add the last touch.

I hope you enjoyed the project of today and keep coming for more amazing ideas to come!

Don't forget to join us in our monthly layout challenge for a great prize! 

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