Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Hello Chattering Robins Readers!

Robin posting today.

This is part 2 of Josh and Robyn's Military Photo shoot.

There is nothing in the world that gives me more respect for 
 women than those women who have supported 
their husbands through a deployment,
Robyn has supported Josh through 3 deployments,
2 to Afghanistan, and one to Iraq, and the Iraq 
deployment was for 16 months, the soldiers of that 
striker unit were required to stay 4 extra months without
a furlow.

So this picture brings tears to my eyes, as I know
the love each of them have for each other,
and yet for our country as well.

These are trying and hard times, and sacrifice is 
the best word I could come up with to represent what 
this photo is all about.
Sacrifice for us, for America, for their family, and their relationship.

We have 3 sons in the Army, they combined have served 7 deployments to 
the middle east, and many other times away from 
their families for months at a time to schools, other countries
where the family cannot go, and short deployments,
which I have not even included in the above deployments.

Yes it is a Sacrifice!

I used these Robin's Nest Products

Blue glitter cutout stars
Blue burlap
Silver mesh
Heart dew drops
Blue Fleur Linen CS
Blue Glitter stars on red paper
Flag paper (I used the uncut version which is available)

Furling Flag Specialty PaperRobins Red Dew DropsRubber Ducky Mini Dew Drops

I love to share these things with you,
they are very personal to our family, and it is
such a great thing that our sons do for
us as an American people.

This is a tribute to Josh and Robyn,
On some other posts we will salute our
other sons as well.

Have a great day!
You can find all these products on our website




Colleen LoVette said...

Wonderful LO, love the photo and all the bright bold colors.

Tonya said...

Many thanks to your sons for their serve and sacrifice to our country. Your layout is touching and wonderfully done!

Bev Code said...

perfect combo with the greatest photos

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Cute layout!

Kathleen White said...

Very patriotic and awe inspiring!

Cindy Brown said...

Stuning JOb wow

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