Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Part Two of the Creepy Creaky China Cabinet for Halloween

Hi, I'm veteran design team member Betsy Skagen of Paper Calliope back with Part Two of the Creepy Creaky China Cabinet for Halloween. If you missed it, you can see how to begin the cabinet in Part One.

Decorating the Top of the Creepy Creaky China Cabinet

Adhere Stitched Leaf Ribbon to top of cabinet.

Glue spider to silver Glitter Mask. Create two tabs out of cardstock and glue behind mask. Then glue tabs to top of cabinet so mask sits at 90 degree angle.

Attach Ceramic Gargoyle Beads to top corners of cabinet.

Print a vintage Halloween advertisement, cut out and attach to top center of cabinet. Balance a large glitter spider at an angle and glue in place.

Decorating the Top Shelf

Print spooky labels and cut out. Ink edges with Vintage Photo Distress Ink. Adhere labels to miniature bottles. Glue bottles to top shelf. 

Glue Miniature Rustic Broom to corner of top shelf.

Thread thin wire through the Long Antique Bronze Skull Spider Pendant. Punch a hole in the top shelf. Thread wire through shelf and secure so that pendant hangs below.

Paint wooden spool with black acrylic paint. Let dry. Cut a small rectangle of black cardstock, fold in half and glue half to back of silver skull and half to top of spool in order to hold skull upright. Glue spool to shelf over the place where wire is secured. 

Print vintage Halloween graphics, cut out and place along back wall. Print out vintage owl. Fussy cut and hang from top of cabinet.

Decorating the Bottom Shelf

Cut off a small piece of miniature plastic fern and paint with black acrylic paint. Let dry. Cut a couple bones off a skeleton--muahahahaha--glue the bones and fern upright to the cork piece of a corked glass dome. Put glass dome in place and glue cork to the corner of the bottom shelf.

Ink the page edges of a miniature glitter book with Vintage Photo Distressed Ink. Glue the book upright on the bottom shelf. (Sorry, I have no idea where I got this book since I have had it for years. All I remember is that it was once on a keychain).

Glue skull to bottom shelf. Glue glass pumpkin to bottom shelf. Adhere bats to back wall. Print vintage Halloween graphics, cut out and place along back wall.

Decorating the Drawers

To make eyeball knob, use a red permanent marker to draw broken blood vessels on white Curio Knob. Use black marker to draw pupil in center of knob. Attach knobs to drawers fronts.

Use STRONG adhesive to glue skeleton hand to skeleton forehead. Temporarily hold in place with masking tape until dry. When dry, place skeleton into drawer.

Decorating the Cabinet Doors

Attach doors to cabinet with miniature black hinges. I chose to glue mine, intentionally making the doors non-movable. However, you could also use tiny screws.

Apply adhesive to black paper ribbons and apply to window edges. 

Print vintage Halloween graphics, cut out and glue in window corners. Print vintage skeleton graphic, cutout and glue to edge of door.

Glue black raven to top of door.

That's all there is to it. Thank you for dropping by to see this tutorial. I hope you have a crafty Halloween!


Fantastic stuff to use

Gina's Design China Cabinet
Plum Fleur (and stripes on reverse side)
Plum Purple Glitter Cardstock
Purple Bats Glitter Cardstock
Black Bats Glitter Cardstock
Spiderweb Glitter Cardstock
Purple Crackle Glitter Cardstock
Light purple cardstock
Black cardstock
Glitter Mask
Halloween decorative ribbon
Tim Holtz idea-ology Curio Knobs
Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Distressed Ink
Alpha Stamps Small Amber Bottles with Corks
Alpha Stamps Stitched Leaf Ribbon
Alpha Stamps Miniature Rustic Broom
Alpha Stamps Long Antique Bronze Skull Spider Pendant
Alpha Stamps Ceramic Gargoyle Bead
Alpha Stamps Skull Charm
AlphaStamps Corked Dome
Spooky Labels
Miniature glitter book
Miniature Black Hinges
Black paper ribbon
Plastic fern
Vintage Halloween images from personal collection
Halloween skeletons, spiders and doo-dads from personal collection
Wooden spool
Black acrylic paint
Red permanent marker
Black permanent marker
Assorted adhesives


The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

The details are just amazing on this project! I love love love it!!

Bev Code said...

amazing project.. awesome details

Cindy Brown said...

love ALL I Scare lol TFS

Peggie Sue @ Maxx and Boo said...

All of the little trinkets you found are just perfect and really make this project - fabulous work!!

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