Sunday, August 30, 2015

The great Oz has spoken and a steampunk shadowbox evolved--Part Two

You all will be relieve to know that I, Betsy Skagen, have not blown away* and so I am back for Part Two of of Behind the Curtain--a Steampunk Homage to Oz. If you missed yesterday's post--aka Part One--you can find it here.

Tutorial to make the Behind the Curtain--a Steampunk Homage to Oz (Continued)

Step 10 Paint the base of the Azure Fly Chipboard balloon with Honey Amber Twinkling H20s.

Step 11 Paint the Steampunk set, first with Autumn Leaf Acrylic Glaze, then (when dry) with assorted copper and gold tones of Twinkling H20s. Highlight some of the pieces with Guatemalan Green. Paint the edges of the Azure Bike Die Cut and the clock hands with Guatemalan Green. Let dry.

In progress...adding layer upon layer of color to the laser cuts.

Step 12 Measure the front of the box and cut out another piece of teal paper to fit it. Trace the box hole onto the teal paper cut. Place a stencil over this teal piece and apply Guatemalan Green. When dry, adhere to the outside of the box.

Sometimes I work sideways just for the heck of it...

Step 13 Close and glue one end of the shadow box. Measure inside of box. Cut herringbone paper to size. Insert herringbone and adhere to inside of box. Close and glue other end of shadow box.

Step 14 Measure the sides of the Shadowbox and cut Cowboy Cardstock to fit. Adhere to the outside of the box.

Step 15 Attach gears using Beacon Fabri-Tac. Adhere Archival Seeds. Remember that you can reference that handy digital photo you took back at the beginning of the project.

Step 16 Adhere the bottom of the hot air balloon to the glitter top. 

Step 17 Make three small paper tabs and adhere two behind the bicycle and one behind the hot air balloon. Attach the bicycle and balloon at varying distances between the front and back of the shadowbox. 

Step 17 Adhere gears to three corners of the outside of the box. Glue Water Dew DropsPoinsettia Dew Drops and Metallic Teal Dew Drops to the centers of the gears. 

If I have my way, I will never watch the Wizard of Oz again, but I sure had a lot of fun making this shadowbox. It was definitely more fun than a room full of flying monkeys. 

* I feel a little traumatized

Oh, by the way, if you are still wondering. I did survive my infancy when my family forgot me during a tornado. When tornado sirens sounded, my family retreated to the safety of the basement. Only then did they ask one another, "Do you have Betsy?"

It turns out no one had Betsy. There I was, a small infant lying helplessly in my crib as a tornado destroyed homes and lives. Thankfully, my family remembered me moments after they reached the basement and went back upstairs to retrieve me from the crib.

Ok, I admit it. While writing this post, I thought I was hamming the severity of the storm up for the sake of entertainment. That is until I decided to do a little research about that particular tornado.

It turns out there was a "swarm" of SIX tornadoes, four of which were F4s (including the one that almost destroyed Baby Betsy) that fateful day.

Did I mention I feel a little traumatized?

Here is a picture of the actual F4 tornado when is was about a half mile from where sweet, innocent and helpless me lay abandoned in my crib.

I hereby decree that my dislike for the Wizard of Oz is entirely legitimate.

Fabulous stuff I used

Teal Glitter Cardstock
Black Herringbone Cardstock
Cowboy Cardstock
Water Dew Drops
Poinsettia Dew Drops
Metallic Teal Dew Drops
Tender Teal Archival Seeds
Azure Bike Die Cut
Azure Fly Chipboard
Gina's Designs Deco Lattice Panel 1
Steampunk Shape Set
Groove tool
Beacon Fabri-Tac
Black gesso
Autumn Leaf Silks Acrylic Glaze
Assorted Twinkling H20s
Black pen

Saturday, August 29, 2015

The great Oz has spoken and a steampunk shadowbox evolved--Part One

Call it blasphemy, but I've never been a big fan of the Wizard of Oz. Perhaps it's because my family momentarily forgot me, Betsy Skagen, upstairs in my crib as an infant when there was a tornado in the neighborhood.

Decades later they still retell this story and find it funny. Me? Not so much. However, as I was playing around with some products from the Robin's Nest and Gina's Designs, the great Oz spoke..and spoke...and spoke. In fact, he wouldn't shut up until I finally listened to him and made this steampunk homage to the Wiz.

Tutorial to make the Behind the Curtain--a steampunk homage to Oz

Step 1
Determine the layout you will want to make with your laser cut pieces and take a digital snapshot of it for easy reference. It makes it much easier when you are trying to remember what goes where.

Step 2 Paint interior and exterior of shadow box and all Gina's laser cut pieces with black gesso. Let dry.

Step 3 Use the Deco Lattice Panel 1 as a stencil and lay it over the Black Herringbone Cardstock and apply Autumn Leaf Silks acrylic glaze. I used this handy-dandy new tool called the Groove by Momenta. I like how evenly I could apply the paint. It seemed like I could use a much smaller amount than if I had used a traditional paintbrush. Let dry. Note: the amount of the Herringbone sheet you paint should match the interior size of your shadow box.

Step 4 Repeat the process on the Teal Glitter Cardstock.

Step 5 Use the Groove to blend Guatemalan Green Twinkling H20s onto the Black Herringbone Sheet. Then cover the bristles with Pink Grapefruit Twinkling H20s and without spinning the Groove, press the bristles straight down onto the paper to create a textured pattern.  Let dry.

Step 6 Use the Groove to blend Guatemalan Green onto the Black Herringbone Sheet. Then cover the bristles with Pink Grapefruit and without spinning the Groove, press the bristles straight down onto the paper to create a textured pattern. Let dry.

Step 7 Blend Guatemalan Green Twinkling H20s onto the teal paper. Then apply more Guatemalan Green over a stencil. Lay some of the gears from the Steampunk Shape Set over the teal paper to create a stencil and paint Pink Grapefruit Twinkling H20s over some of gears. Keep some of the gears in place, and when the pink dries repeat the process with Honey Amber Twinkling H20s.  Let dry then trace gears with pen.

Step 8 Adhere the solid teal rectangle paper to the back of the box.

Step 9 Paint Guatemalan Green on some of the curlicues of the Lattice Panel. After it dries, attach the lattice to the back of the box over the teal paper.

Did the tin man get a heart? Did Oz ever stop making voices in my head?  Did I survive the tornado in my infancy?  Come back tomorrow to have all your questions answered (or not) and see the exciting conclusion of this tutorial. 

P.S. If you are seeing this after August 30, this link should take you to Part Two.

Fabulous stuff I used

Teal Glitter Cardstock
Black Herringbone Cardstock
Cowboy Cardstock
Water Dew Drops
Poinsettia Dew Drops
Metallic Teal Dew Drops
Tender Teal Archival Seeds
Azure Bike Die Cut
Azure Fly Chipboard
Gina's Designs Deco Lattice Panel 1
Steampunk Shape Set
Groove tool
Beacon Fabri-Tac
Black Gesso
Autumn Leaf Silks Acrylic Glaze
Assorted Twinkling H20s
Black pen

Card Making can be Simple and Fun

Aristocratic Embellishments mix well with Cards too.

Everyday, it seems that I run into a new great person!  I cannot begin to tell you how little I feel when meeting these people.  From the clerk at the checkout counter to the man who delivers my mail to the lady who tried to drive down the road without her keys in the ignition.  I am not making fun of these people, I am grateful for the lessons that they teach me.  I am thankful for the moment in time, when I  was given the opportunity to help them.  Also, I am also glad to know that I am not the only person who has blonde moments.  This is why I like cards.  I can create cards with no purpose in mind.  I can give one of my cards to thank the mailman for bringing me my bills, and my most fave magazines too.  He even helps me learn a new word in a different language each time I see him! I love it!  What a great guy!  I started making these cards with the intention of showing you how to use our wonderful embellishments, and I did just that, but I also want you to know that these are going to great people in my life...  Who knows, you could be next on my list.

Some of my favorite embellishments include our Aristocratic Blues Cards, Metallic Dew Drops, Robin's Nest Paper Clips, Talk Bubbles, and our Glitter Cardstock 8.5"x11" sheets.  Each has a unique attribute that enhances the greatness of wonderfully creative projects.  Today, I am showing you some of the different things to do with these products.  Share what you have made with these wonderful products on our FB page,  we are always watching out for great projects created by you!

When I start to create something, I always pull out things that I want to start with, and I must say that they do not always match like this.  Products here are from our Rosy Collection: Glitter Chipboard Laugh, Rosy Cards, and Glitter Pink on Gold Daisy Cardstock.

Cut the cardstock into an A4 card shape.
Place the "laugh" in the oriented place of your desire.
Glue onto the cardstock.
Trim the ends of the title.
Add Pink Metallic Dew Drops in the corner.
Simple and easy.

This card needs to go to the super cheerful cashier.  I am thankful that she cared to smile when she really didn't have to do anything but take my money.

Side note:
Have you used these cards yet?  They are great for PL, scrapbook layouts, planners, and even cards... The backsides are wonderful too!

The Robin's Nest Paper Clips are also easy to use.  Just clip onto the cardstock.  These are for a birthday card, which I do not plan on putting into an envelope.  The title is our Teal Happy Chipboard.  So adorable.  The cardstock is our Wedding Sayings Cardstock.

I chose not to write birthday on the bottom, the candles say it all.

Here is another example of our Aristocratic Cards.  I want this card to have clean, simple lines.  I love this card, so I am making it the focus.  

This is another card which comes from our Leafy Green Card set.  What do you think of the saying?  Shakespeare is one of my faves, so naturally, I am adding this sweet quote to my card. Cut and paste. Easy peasy.

To finish off this simple card, add heart thought bubbles, and ink the edges of the card.  This gives it an old school look.  I am saving this card for a rainy day, when my other half is having a bad day.  Sometimes he needs a little love too...

Leave a comment at the end of this post and let me know if I have inspired you to make your own cards to make someone happy today. 

See you soon!
Rachel O'Crowley
The Robin's Nest
We Create to Inspire

Friday, August 28, 2015

Celebrate Life

Hi Colleen from Michigan.  I have a card for you today using the beautiful double sided paper called Fleur Honeycomb.

Isn't this paper just gorgeous and it double sided.

I started by using a scrap piece of paper and then I used the side of the paper called Stripe Honeycomb and roughed up the edges and then inked it.  Next I cut the Fleur Honeycomb side and again roughed up the edges and inked it.

Now it is ready to add all the embellishments.  I used Viva rubon for the saying on the card.  I used a couple of my butterfly punches  and then inked the the butterflies and layered then on top of each other.  I added Daughter Dew Drops for pops on the butterflies. I then used a flower punch and the Stripe Honeycomb side to make the flowers with the Daughter Dew Drops for the center.  To finish the card I added some feathers and a vine punch under the flowers.  Along the bottom I used some scraps for strips and then added some Daughter Dew Drops on one of the strips.

Please check out other wonderful items in the store.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Smile with Robin's Nest products.. and their sketch challenge too

HI...Bev here today.. and OMG I am up today at the Robin's Nest and I not only get to use their amazing Paper lines I am using the Robin's Nest Monthly Sketch. (see below).
I am thoroughly enjoy all the new embellies, accents and chippies that have just come out. They make creating so much fun and easy to use. 

Supply List:
Robin's Nest Products:
Paper: Plum Quadrant 12, Pink Swirl, Daughters Cardstock, Purple Flowers Cardstock (periwinkle glow collection)
Accents: Archival Grape Seeds:
Die Cuts: Doily
Title chipboard: smile
Chipboard: Gina's Design
Other: signo white gel pen, paint
Digital image: Morgan Fitzsimmons
Marker: Copics
Frame: nestibilities

These close ups let you view some of the details better. This section shows the fun Doily, The many layers of papers, the cute clustered corner using Archival Grape Seeds and signo white gel pen stitch lines and of Gina's Design chippies.

Amazing copic coloured chippie corner flourish  with a super fun new title "smile" accent are showcased in this close up.

And here is a close up of the super cute digi copic coloured image shaped, matted and framed using nestibilities.

Thanks for visiting today.. come back again .. I love to share with you.

Simple Desktop Organizer

Hello, Chelsea here, today I am going to show you how to make this simple desktop organizer.

you will need, 

a shampoo bottle
8 1/2 x 11 glitter cardstock
dew drops of your choosing

start by cutting of the top of your shampoo bottle, and then shaping it to your liking.
then once it had been shaped the way you like it 
cut a 2in strip of the cardstock and wrap it around the bottom to create a boarder.
using another color cut out the shape of your choosing, i chose hearts.

once you placed them in the location on the bottle, proceed to use the dewdrops to create a boarder on the top of the 2 in boarder.

i cut a whole in the top to hang it on the wall of my craft room

Until next time, 
Happy Crafting!
Chelsea Harmston

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

For a family member

Hi ladies, Dali here!!! How is the summer going??

This time I bring two cards dedicated to family members in a hard time. They are easy and quick to make, and the rubons of The Robin's Nest are just perfect.

I used for the first card a standard size of A2. 

Folded by half and cut a strip of 1 1/4" in the front side.

Cut one piece of kraft cardstock 1/4" smaller than the front of your card and I used the Wedding Cut Outs back paper as DS and made an old look by adding some distressing with vintage photo distress ink. I also cutted one piece of kraft paper (2 3/8" x 2 3/4"), coloured cardstock (2 1/8" x 2 1/2") and white cardstock (2" x 2 3/8") and the image of your preference from the Family Tree rub-ons.

Matted the first & second piece

And matted the other three pieces

Added to the cards and add some Black Forrest Dew Drops and distressing edges. And finally added to my card other accents of the same rub on collection and some Leafy Green Ribbon

The second card id even more easy, is an A2 sized card just matted with a 2 3/4" x 3 5/8" which I added another of the Family Tree Rub Ons.

I hope you enjoyed the creations of this day and see you in two weeks!


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