Friday, July 17, 2015



Hello crafty friends !
I wanted to try something new and fun, but keeping with the vintage theme. I decided to create a steampunk theme tag.
This Steampunk Tag was fun to create and using the Robin’s Nest products and Steampunk collection made it easy and inspiring.


 Don't Forget to check out the youtube video.

Supply List.

Time Files Rub –on
I used the sentiment Time Files and the Clock.
Dew Drops
I used the dark brown, green , and the gold dew drops.
Pistachio Archival Seeds
I used the brown and green ones.
Steampunk 1 Shape Set
Fanciful Element
I used one large one and cut it into different sizes.

**Step by Step Directions:**
1.-  Grab your base tissue paper of choice and wrinkle it.  You can wrinkle your tissue by creating a ball and carefully take the ball apart.

2.-  Then you add you liquid glue (I used aleens tacky glue) onto your Large tag. Place your winkle tissue paper on top of the liquid glue.
TIP : You can mix a little water with your glue to make it a little bit more easier to spread onto your  Tag.

3.- Once you place your base tissue paper on top of the wet glue smooth out the edges and any air bubbles.

4.-  Wait for your tag to dry completely. Now with your design tissue paper rip it up into different sizes and wrinkle them.
 Add another layer of glue and place your design tissue paper on your  Tag.  Do this like you would make  a paper collage.

5.- Then with your stencil of choice add modeling paste (or Gesso) to the tag. I add modeling paste to the top and bottom corner. Let the modeling paste dry completely, once it is completely try you can paint. Ink, or spray the modeling paste. I distress mine with Walnut Distress ink from Tim Holtz.

6.-   Next add your lace. Mine was place on the side.  I added a light blue lace and distress it with Walnut Distress Ink.  You can glue your lace with Aleen’s tacky glue or with your hot glue gun.

7.- Now gather your embellishments.

8.- start to add your embellishments of choice. Make flower clusters, gear cluster, and add metal items. Mine was the key.

9.-  All Done !!

I hope you enjoy this steampunk tag. It was a very inspiring project to create.

Go check out the Robins Nest !!!


Colleen said...

Gorgeous tag.

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Love your tag! Now off to watch your video :) great job!

Daliuska Takken said...

I love it!!! Is so inspiring!!!

frezja said...

great tag :) full of details :)

Cindy Brown said...

wow love it Thanks for the technic

Peggie Sue @ Maxx and Boo said...

Wonderful tute for following! I've gotta try this - your tag is awesome!

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