Thursday, July 30, 2015

Now Showing...Paper Towns Part Two

Concluding tutorial on how to make the Paper Towns Three Drawer Nightlight Unit

Hi, it's Betsy Skagen of Paper Calliope back again to show you how to complete your Paper Towns Three Drawer Nightlight Unit. If you missed it, go back and visit yesterday's entry to see Part One of the tutorial. 

Making the houses

Step 9 Using a straight edge and a hot knife, cut five 4" x 5" squares from foam core.  For each house, create a sloped roof by marking the spot that is 3 inches from the bottom on both sides of the house. Draw a line from this point to the top center of the square. Cut the roof lines with a hot knife. 

Step 10 Adhere Silver Glitter Cardstock to one side of each of the houses. Use an X-Acto knife to then trim the cardstock to precisely fit the house. This will be the front of the houses.

Step 11 Cut 10 rectangle tabs approximately 1" x 4" of black cardstock. Adhere two tabs to the back of each of the houses so that about two inches extend beyond the bottom of the house. 

Step 12 Make a template of one of your houses on a scratch piece of paper. Use a straight edge to measure and cut out a square window in the house. Place this template over each of your houses (one at a time) and use the hot knife to make identical windows in each house.  

Step 13 Align black cardstock with the bottom edge of each house and adhere to the back side, covering the part of the tab attached to the house. Use an X-Acto knife to trim the cardstock to precisely fit the house, being careful not to cut off the tab.  

Covering the box

Step 14 Cover the sides and back of your box with Airplane Cardstock

Step 15 Covering the top of the box takes a little extra work. Cut a strip of Airplane Cardstock that is about 2" wide and is long enough to cover the length of your box. My box was longer than 12", so I had to extend the strip by carefully aligning the pattern and adhering two sections together. Attach this strip of Airplane Cardstock to the front-most area of the top.

Step 16 Attach three houses in a straight, evenly spaced row toward the front of the box. Use hot glue on the bottom edge of each house, then adhere the tabs to the box. Hold each house perpendicular to the box until it dries.

Step 17 Repeat Step 15, except make the strip a little wider because you may have to do some trimming. Lay this section flush against the back of your houses. Note where you need to trim the strip in order to match the pattern to the piece already on the top. Trim as necessary and adhere the strip to the box, making sure it is flush against the row of houses.

Step 18 Repeat Step 16 with the remaining two houses, placing them in a second row that can be seen between the front houses.

Step 19 Repeat Step 17. In addition to matching the pattern to the existing paper, you will also need to trim it to align with the back of the box.

I added the back covering after making the top, but recommend covering the back first--it will be easier!

Step 20 Insert drawers and add tea lights behind each house.


Tonya said...

Great tutorial Betsy!

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

I love your tutorial! Very fun project!! Love it Betsy :)

Cindy Brown said...

Love love love Again good Idea

Peggie Sue @ Maxx and Boo said...

Betsy - this project is simply too cool!

Bev Code said...

this is amazing.. fabulous

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